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Christi “Wildcat” Hubbard:

 Owner at Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp. © (Veteran Rescue)® “A Warrior’s Sanctuary.”

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Owner/President/Executive Director/CEO

Ms. Hubbard was raised on a small ten acre farm in the woods of Brooksville, Florida, with lots of animals. She’s actively cared for a variety of pets since she was a small child. These early experiences impacted her in a profound way. Later, she noticed a distinct lack of animal care in her area when owners traveled on vacation. The owners often boarded their pets with a vet, typically in cages. Wildcat asked, “Who wants to stay in a cage all day?” The answer – No one!

She has handled horses, rabbits, ferrets, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, chickens, geese, pigs, cows and gerbils. Years ago, Christi discovered an ability to catch and hold any animal whether feral or domestic, regardless of bites and claws. She’s also hand raised animal babies that were abandoned, sick or just taken too soon from their mother to ensure their health and well being. Her love of animals is partially the reason she earned the moniker “Wildcat”.  She also showed the tenacity of a wild cat in her fighting techniques during her police academy training, so “Wildcat” was a natural fit.

Throughout her adult life, Ms. Hubbard has gained a lot of different understanding through a lot of diverse work experiences. Ms. Hubbard has worked in Law Enforcement, and has two associates degree, one in Law Enforcement and the other in Criminology. She has earned multiple certificates and gathered a long line of military connections, which include her dad, a Marine, her nephew in the Air Force, a cousin and brother in law both in the Army. A father in law also retired from the Navy. Wildcat Hubbard worked for three years for the local Sheriffs office. For fifteen years, she worked as a receptionist, then two years as a teller. After that, she spent five years in security. She’s also done house and pet sitting and volunteering.  She used to work for Waldenbooks as Keyholder, Book Seller, and Assistant Manager fill in for over 2 years.

Ms. Hubbard’s love of books has been evident throughout her life, through her experience in working in bookstores and a collection of books contained within her non-profit that spans over 16,000 titles. It wasn’t until after she published her own books, (Helpful Tips for Any Type of Business and Helpful Tips for Any Type of Business Part II: The expanded Edition, Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business Part III and Business Tips & Tricks For You!), that For Love of Books became a solid idea.

For Love of Books plans on opening a brick and mortar shop and for now, the only titles available are a limited selection. However, joining our mailing list will keep you up to date with the latest news on For Love of Books and any new arrivals.
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Jaime 2WILLIAMSON, JAMES M  Florida    813.960.0455 office         813.205.1576 cell

jamie18A  Skype

Colonel, Retired Jamie Williamson has enjoyed a successful military career spanning thirty-three years. A native of Delaware and graduate of University of Delaware’s ROTC program, he was commissioned a Lieutenant of Infantry in 1982. Williamson served as a rifle platoon leader and Executive Officer in the 1/36 INF Germany and then as a Company Commander in the 2/505 PIR, 82d Airborne Division in North Carolina. 1988 Williamson volunteered for Special Forces. Graduating the Special Forces Qualification Course in 1989, Williamson went on to serve as a Detachment Commander on an ODA in 10th Special Forces Group (ABN). He was subsequently assigned as Group Plans Officer and Special Projects in the Gulf War and subsequent humanitarian actions in Southwest Asia before leaving active duty as a Captain for the private sector in 1992.

Williamson remained an active reservist in a variety of Special Forces joint and combined assignments at NATO, SOCCENT, USSOCOM, and other special operations units. Assignments have included A/3/11 SFG(A), SOCCENT J-5 Plans (Special Activities), US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Counter Narco Terrorism Officer, J3X and J2X Counter Intelligence, A Squadron Commander, Joint Support Activity (JSA),  and most recently, as Deputy Commander, Joint Operations Support Element (JOSE). He has an extensive background in surveillance, counter surveillance, operational intelligence and source operations.

He is a combat veteran of several conflicts and has served in the US and overseas to include Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and other overseas locations. He retired in June 2012.

Mr. Williamson holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Delaware with a major in Political Science. He holds a Master’s Degree in Government Contracting from George Washington University. He is a graduate of the US Army Command & General Staff College. He is a member of the Special Forces Association (SFA) and the Association For Intelligence Officers (AFIO).    813.960.0455 office         813.205.1576 cell

jamie18A  Skype

GEM Corporate Bio & Capabilities
Global Executive Management, Inc., GEM, is a Florida Subchapter S corporation and a Veteran Owned Small Business. GEM is pending its Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business status. GEM has operated successfully and profitably since August 2002 serving private industry and the US Department of Defense. GEM provides innovative solutions custom tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. We support the focused training and operational requirements of US Special Operations Forces and the Intelligence Community. GEM’s core competencies include Business Development Consulting, Temporary Personnel Services (SMEs), Training, Foreign Language Services, and IT & Cyber Security, Architecture & Engineering (A&E) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services. GEM is an ideal business partner as a small business prime or as a subcontractor. Our depth of experience delivers professional results to the US government and military as well as private industry.

President of OPSEC.


For almost 6 years Jack has been in the Afghanistan fight- training, mentoring and advising in all facets of Broadcasting and Strategic Communications.  He worked with President Karzai’s office,  the US Embassy in Afghanistan and for Gen John Allen at ISAF.   While at ISAF  he produced “Game Changing” video overviews and strategic communications work concerning Security Force Assistance (SFA) and Insider Threat (IT) solutions.  This work is saving lives everyday.

He was also a key member in building and developing Afghanistan’s Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) in its vital mission to prepare a generation of Afghan media managers with the skills needed to deliver messages of peace and stability in the war torn country of Afghanistan.  He has trained more than 3-hundred Afghans in the art of communications. Jack has 3 decades plus of civilian, military and documentary broadcasting experience.  He has produced powerful video work for Former Secretary of State GEN Colin Powell, Oliver North and President’s Bush and Clinton.

Jack is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with extensive hands-on overseas, called back to active duty experience in: Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jack’s commercial broadcasting experience includes stints as a Pentagon Correspondent and Producer for FOX News, Executive Producer at FOX Dallas, Texas, and Prepro Producer/Supervisor at WSVN Miami, Florida. In 2005, Jack was a coordinating producer and videographer for Nick and Jessica Simpson’s 2-hour ABC TV special, “TOUR OF DUTY.”  During that special Jack shot and edited a music video that aired worldwide.  And in 2006, Jack shot, edited, and produced with two Iraqi advisors a dynamic music video, “Baghdad My Love” a number one music video for almost a year.  The music video was part of the successful GEN David Petraeus “Surge” initiative.

Jack’s broadcasting career began as an NBC Page in New York.  He continues to seek out work that will inspire, educate, and empower audiences everywhere. Jack Pagano is an award-winning producer who creates impassioned productions.

“…No one wants peace more than a soldier, but no one wants to be tested more than a soldier…”

 Aries Lynch-Spokesman


Military Technical Training School
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Retired U.S. Navy SEAL with 27+ years proven international experience in Naval Special Warfare and Joint Operations.

SHIELD CONSULTING ASSOCIATES, LLC provides PROFESSIONAL ~ RELIABLE ~ DEDICATED services to select, high end clientele and supports various contracts in multiple disciplines.

Steve Gonzalez, “Gonzo” -Spokesman

UDT SEAL Association, Virginia Beach.

Steve Gonzalez
UDT-SEAL Association Norwich University
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Director of Operations and Military Veteran with a Top Secret SCI Security Clearance and 30 years of proven experience in the United States Navy. Accomplished measurable results while leading teams of 18 – 160 in a dynamic, fast – paced environment. Possess a comprehensive background in Operations Management and Personnel Management derived from conducting domestic and global operations across 40 Countries spanning 5 Continents. Managed risk upon multiple lines to protect assets, property, and equipment valued over $30M while meeting the expectations of senior leadership. Possess extensive knowledge in Risk Mitigation, Security Management, Training and Team Development. Recipient of multiple awards for outstanding performance professionalism to include of 2 Bronze Stars with Valor. Career supported by a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis.

Heidi-Marie Ferren, California


Heidi Marie FerrenMISS USO 2009 to Present

Actress/ Singer

  • Wonder Woman · 2010 to present
    HBO “Bored to Death” Super Ray’ with Ted Danson
    • Television Actress and Commercial Actress
    • Writer and Director
    • Child actress and commercial actress
    • As a child. A Regular on “Romper Room”
  • USO

    MISS USO and USO Liberty Bell · Oct 2007 to present
    Sing, Dance, Speak for our Brave American Soldiers and their families.
    • Miss USO 2009 and Miss USO 2010
      2011 to present

      Uplifting and serving ALL of our Great American Soldiers Nationally and Internationally. Visiting Hospitals, Burn Centers,etc and Veterans. Doing Shows and Fundraisers to Help the USO help those Brave Soldiers who serve us. We are here to serve them!! God Bless the United States of America!!!

    • Match.Com National Commercial
    • Wonder Woman
      2010 to 2012

      with Ted Danson

  • Directed,written,actress-ONE WOMAN SHOWS
    Actress, Direct, Write · 2007 to present

Matthew Myers, Texas

Matthew is a programmer and designer of games through his company. He has been interested in computers since he was young, teaching himself hardware and programming. Matthew understands numerous programming languages for website design and for game design and is a valuable security specialist as well as a programmer and web designer.

The Hallow Life/Halogix Technologies

Mark Mark Myers, Florida
 Computer Techs Castle, LLC is a computer company in Lake Mary, Florida, that serves individuals and businesses. We specialize in computer, server, and VoIP installations, though we also offer custom Ethernet cabling and computer repairs. In addition, we have Security Specialists that can provide all encompassing computer security and internet security services. With more than 15 years of experience, we provide quality service in order to exceed your expectations. Our customers choose us because of our affordable prices and top-of-the-line equipment.

Adam Dibble Owner of EOW Run





Working together with Fleet and Family Services, nationwide.

One thought on “Team”

  1. Hi Michael

    The animal rescue thing is totally cool.

    We have horse rescue here and our family is actively involved in dog rescue and no-kill adoption programs.

    Animals and combat vets do mix well Michael, I’ve seen it, experienced it myself; and with this generation of young soldiers coming home whom viciously distrust the VA and anyone that “wasn’t there” taking the example of how the Nam Vets were treated

    Animals can do what the “weren’t there” geeks cannot.

    As one that has a TBI the last thing any veteran should get is the VA pyschopharmaceutical cure-all which impedes the ability for veterans to heal and try to be normal as possible in a world that doesn’t have a clue in hell what combat really is and what they have experienced.

    It isn’t like some computer game as alot of these kids grew up playing, combat is the for real world game where the one that comes in second gets buried.

    When I see a veteran with a canine companion or working with a horse both are happy.

    Heart and honor brother,


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