Print on Demand painting copies

“Warriors For Freedom” by Denise Wright. Prints on demand.

On demand prints come in all sizes. No shipping charges. Ask to see the price/size list for precise measurements of Print on demand painting.

10 x 16 $50.00 w/ Acid Free Backer
12 x 14 $65.00 w/ Acid Free Backer
16 x 20 $75.00 w/ Acid Free Backer
20 x 24 $100.00 w/ Acid Free Backer
20 x 30 $150.00 w/ Acid Free Backer
28 x 28 $175.00 w/ no backer
30 x 40 $250.00 w/ no backer
84 x 60 $1,000.00 w/ no backer

Archival Ink on Heavy Fine Art Paper or Fine Art Canvas w/Acid Free Backer

Fine Art Canvas / Free Acid Backer

Painting 10x16
Painting 10x16
Choose your size
Sizes :

This is funding our Foundation Building Fundraiser to allow us to build on the property purchased. Remember it’s 100% tax deductible!! Great gift! 

The sooner we have buildings, the sooner our Veterans and families can heal in peace, lower stress and suicide rates.

Trade name Veteran Rescue