Auction Items

This 5K Race event will have the auction items in person at the tables to be looked over and bid on. All items will have pictures and descriptions online. 

November 12,  2017

The Original painting “Warriors For Freedom” painting donated to Veteran Rescue by Denise Wright.

Frame size:  Solid wood, brown with glass front and wire hanger.

Painting size: 16 by 20 painting, 1’4″ by 1’8″, Watercolor


For sale to the highest bidder!    Auction is open for online bidding and in person bidding !      Opening bid $350 with a buy now for top dollar. $750

100% tax deductible. Donate for a good cause.

Another auction item coming:

Horse Riders: Military themed hackamore bridle ready for duty!!! Camo base rope with actual military parachute cord accents. Yellow ribbon to denote military personnel!

This hack is being donated to Christi Hubbard of Veteran Rescue by for their silent auction!! 

Who better to model a military themed hackamore, made for and donated to a combination veteran therapy and horse rescue group ( @veteranrescue ), than a kill pen rescue horse named Sarge!?

Sarge is a 16hh, 16 yo gelding, rescued from the Bowie Auction. He’s very sweet, calm and quiet, and is still gaining weight every day!! He is Lil Miss’s new partner-in-crime!

Trade name Veteran Rescue