Adoption Policies

Veteran Rescue adoption is a process that is long but worth it!

Veteran Rescue adoption: It can seem like a long process, but it’s worth it. We want the best for both the pets and their forever homes. Because of that, we have strict standards for adopting animals out. We’re not interesting in dumping animals in quick homes. Many of the pets we take in have already been abandoned, were thrown out or were otherwise living on the street at one point. We take the time to make sure to match the best pets up for you, so you can live in harmony with your new pet.


We are located in central Florida and service all of Seminole County. If you are outside of this area, special arrangements may have to be made. If you are outside of the state of Florida, you will have to provide your own transportation, including transporting the animal to your home. Please let us know in advance, either by way of our Adoption Application, or a general email or phone call.

Adoption Application

Anyone interested in adopting from Veteran Rescue must fill out an Adoption Application. Currently there is no online version, but you can fax your application to 407-878-4421. If you would rather fill one out in person, we keep them on hand. Please be ready to provide contact information to your vet, if you have one. Be sure to fill out the application honestly. If you would like to adopt a specific animal, like Bear and Queen, please specify on the appropriate space on the application.

Please note there is a $25 application fee and the adoption fee varies by pet. You can pay in advance, but payment must be made before you can take your new pet home.

Contact & Meeting

If your application is considered or accepted, we may call and arrange an in person meeting for you to meet your potential pet. There may be arrangements made to take the animal home, depending on what works best for both parties at work. We want to make sure that not only will the animal be safe in your care, but that you are comfortable and feel safe with the animal as well.

Follow Ups

There may be scheduled or random visits by Veteran Rescue to your home to check on your pet’s well being. This is not meant as an insult or a way to say that we do not trust you, but just to establish that both you and the pet are happy with the adoption and to hear of any concerns that might have been brought up. If you or your family are not able to care for the animal as well as you had hoped (due to unforeseen circumstances, incompatibility with the animal’s personality or personal issues), Veteran Rescue can take the animal back.

If, for whatever reason, Veteran Rescue suspects there is neglect or abuse within the home, Veteran Rescue reserves the right to remove the animal from the home and return the animal to Veteran Rescue facilities. This is a part of the application process and will be made clear throughout the effort. We want both the animal and the owner to feel safe – if one side is not, one will be removed. Please do not apply if the safety of the animal is not important to you, and save both yourself and the animal some trouble.

Please remember that all animals offered for adoption are living, breathing creatures that have the need for food, water, exercise, socialization and other responsibilities. If you are not prepared for the responsibility that comes with caring for an animal, we highly advocate education over adoption! Many of these animals were found on the street and some were abandoned by owners who were not prepared to handle the full weight of responsibility. Let’s not send these beautiful creatures back to the street or through another shelter (or, back to ours). They deserve loving forever homes with the perfect family. If you think you’ve got what it takes, let’s meet up.

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