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15107399_10211109466992499_2529586996642582433_n 15171098_10211109467272506_2482293059756609386_nIf interested please email me: My brother, an Army vet, died recently leaving his two middle aged dogs, a mother and daughter kelpie mix. We are all dog lovers but maxed out at this time, so we’re hoping to rehome them together. They are staying with another brother and his two dogs and getting along very well, but that is not a long-term solution. Both are spayed, heart worm negative and up to date on vaccinations. They are currently in Memphis, Tennessee, but the family can assist with transport.
Can your group help us match them with a veteran who would benefit from the love they’ve given my brother for the last ten years?
Thank you for your help.


Hi, I am looking for help with these two orphaned dogs please.

Mr. Jimenez was a Vietnam War Vet who passed away unexpectedly July 3rd, 2015, leaving Stinker and Tinker who he affectionately named after rescuing each separately from being abandoned by previous owners, Tinker(female) from a park and Stinker(male) from a boarding facility at a vet’s office where he was vetting his dog who since passed of old age.
Both dogs are bonded and had been loved, cared for, well fed and kept inside until last month. A distant relative has kept them in his backyard to allow his immediate family time to find them new homes but since no one has offered to adopt them, they are looking into PTS.
Both dogs are fixed, house trained and are very affectionate, non aggressive & are about 4 years old.
They LOVE kids. Cats and squirrels, not so much. As far as other dogs, they are not aggressive. When other dogs snap or growl at them (mostly Stinker), he backs away and goes elsewhere. Tinker is shy at new places but follows Stinker.
Currently located Deerpark/Pasadena/Houston, Texas
Beltway 8(Sam Houston Tollway East) @ Highway 225.
or thru FB Messenger.

Biscuit2Attention Raleigh NC area: Veteran died leaving behind is loving dog Biscuit!

Name: Biscuit, will answer to almost anything
Breed: Mixed Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Neutered/Spayed? No, I will be glad to pay for this if needed
DOB: Believe he is between 5 and 6 years old
Weight: 60+ pounds
Shots: I believe he needs some, I will be glad to pay for whatever he needs
Obedience: some, but he has shown that he can learn
Housebroken: Yes
Pet Yes
Friendly: Very, gets along with kids, other dogs and even neighborhood cats

Adopters will fill out our application and agree and sign the rules document. You can email them back signed. You can find them here: and agree and sign

Welcome a new pet into your home! Veteran Rescue provides temporary shelter for rescued animals and provides all shots, transportation, spaying and neutering.

We are located in central Florida but service all of Seminole County. If you are outside of this area, we can work with you. If you are outside of the state of Florida, you will have to provide your own means of transportation to either visit the facility or to take the pets home. Pet adoption in central Florida and pet adoption in Lake Mary is our specialty.

At the moment, we have no animals for adoption, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check back at a later time!

Pet & Animal FAQ

Q: I found an injured bird. Can you take care of it?
A: No. Unfortunately, it takes a special certification to care for and rehabilitate birds, which we do not have.

Q: I found an injured fox/raccoon/other non-domestic animal. Can you take care of it?
A: No. Unfortunately, it takes a special certification to care for and rehabilitate wild animals, which we do not have.

Q: Can I give my pet to you to adopt out?
A: No, but if you send us a picture and a description of your pet, we can network with other pet rescues and those looking for adoption on our social networking sites. At the moment, we cannot take in animals at our office location, as we are currently full.

Q: Do you have any other pets available for adoption besides what I see above?
A: No. This page is current and currently, the animals listed above are the only ones we have available.

Q: There’s a feral cat colony near me. Can you move, trap or otherwise care for them?
A: No. This also requires special certification that we do not have. Please call your local rescue or ask for a referral for help with feral cat colonies.

Q: Can I adopt a military working dog from you?
A: No. Please contact your local base for information. Due to recent security changes, Veteran Rescue can no longer give out the contact information for you.

2 thoughts on “Adoptable Pets”

  1. I am looking for a service dog. I have PTSD and I would prefer a German Shepard or Belgian Malonoise, but I am not picky, any service dog that would enhance my life would be greatly appreciated. I have always owned German Shepards, but after I had to put down my 14 y.o. German Shepard “Dixie” in 2009, I just was not ready for another dog. Now I feel like a service dog could really enhance my life.

    Many Thanks,

    Dave Peterson
    (352) 353-5092

  2. Aloha,
    I am looking for another service dog. My service dog; Kai passed away 12 Sept. 2013. He was a Rottie weighing 131 pounds. I have chronic pain and anxiety. I am looking for a dog that is big/tall enough to help me with my balance…

    Mahalo (Thank you),
    808 479 8242

    By the way, I live in Aventura and go to the Miami VA 1 to 3 times a week for doctor appointments.

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