Since 2005 when we began, we have rescued over 40 cats, and 20 dogs including babies, 6 baby squirrels, 2 bunnies, and fish. We have adopted out all of them. We use the ones in our care in our programs with Veterans. We have completed 21 Home Repair Projects, We have assisted over 100 Veterans with their education, jobs, starting their own companies, and mentoring them.

Before 2005 we have rescued over 300 cats, 50 dogs, over 300 Veterans asking for consultations, and we have referred over 1000 to other nonprofits across the US. 

We created our 1st company in 2008 and split into separate entities in 2011 and incorporated them both.

Veteran Rescue programs are here to assist you. We offer several services to assist both Veterans, their families and in pairing them with animals who may also need a helping hand.

Veteran Rescue Programs Available

Equine Therapy

There is magic when man and horse pair up. There’s more than just horseback riding, but a sense of connection. Get connected today and schedule your appointment with us. Be prepared to present your DD214 and Military ID. We’ll need you to fill out a liability waiver and then the magic can happen!  Veteran Rescue Liability and Informed Consent Waiver  We’d love to have you volunteer! Volunteer Flyer Concession Stands

Retreats for Veterans with PTSD

Sometimes, we just need to get away from everything. Retreats for Veterans are projected to be available starting in the summer of 2014. Keep up with Veteran Rescue for the latest news!

Animal Rescues

Man’s best friend sometimes needs a helping hand sometimes. We provide rescues within the limits of availability within our household. Rescued animals are often spayed and neutered as needed, socialized, trained and adopted out. We train the rescues that are appropriate for Service Dogs for PTSD only. We will also adopt WMD that fail/retire from Gov entities.

Other programs are offered but are not our focus such as Home Repair Projects, Helping Veterans start their own companies, Educational assistance, and more. Be sure to check back on this page, as Veteran Rescue programs are often changing and being updated.

Pricing for Adoptions and other programs.

$100/DAY Paid by the Contract, not the Veteran

Equine Therapy: (AKA EAP)
$125/PERSON/VISIT/MINIMUM OF 8 WEEKS OF 3 VISITS A WEEK Paid by the Contract, not the Veteran

Retreats: for Veterans with PTSD
$200/WEEK Paid by the Contract, not the Veteran

Animal Rescues/Adoptions:

Limited Programs: Home Repair Projects, Entrepreneur assistance starting, operating, 1st year costs, and other immediate dire needs.

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