Veteran Rescue Sponsors and/or supports the following events. Look for the ones in your area. I have broken them down by state. 

 CFC logoCFC speeches upon request throughout Florida or Tennessee while we are there. CFC 19270. Anyone in the 50 states can donate via that number.  


November 12, 2017, 5K Race, Lake Mary, FL –

This 5K Race event will have the auction items in person at the tables to be looked over and bid on. All items will have pictures and descriptions online.

Sponsorship’s now open: 

Brick Memorial Sponsor for Foundation: $100

Basic Sponsorship of event: $500

Tent Sponsorship of event: $1,000 

Sponsor a Veteran/Dog/Horse Program: $5,000

Foundation Sponsor: $10,000

Name your amount Sponsor: 

Kentucky: TBD

Virginia: TBD










Trade name Veteran Rescue