Veteran Rescue immediate needs list
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Camper trailer needed too.

For those who are interested:     8 million dogs and cats enter shelters in the United States each year according to the humane society.  Veteran Rescue’s goal is have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. It was estimated that U.S. improvement and repair expenditure amounted to about 326.1 billion dollars in 2015. In American population 2.2% or 7.7 million people may have post traumatic stress symptoms and the military was not included in this fact.

Let’s face it: sometimes even Veteran Rescue needs a helping hand. If you would like to donate to Veteran Rescue and help us out, we accept the following “in kind” donations: We have Cats, Dogs, Bunnies between 4 states. We help nationwide.

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