Donations     8 million dogs and cats enter shelters in the United States each year according to the humane society.  Veteran Rescue’s goal is have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. It was estimated that U.S. improvement and repair expenditure amounted to about 326.1 billion dollars in 2015. In American population 2.2% or 7.7 million people may have post traumatic stress symptoms and the military was not included in this fact.

Let’s face it: sometimes even Veteran Rescue needs a helping hand. If you would like to donate to Veteran Rescue and help us out, we accept the following “in kind” donations: We have Cats, Dogs, Bunnies between 4 states. We help nationwide.

    • Pet supplies: collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, bedding,  shampoo/other personal care products, crates, cages, litterboxes, cat litter, litter scoops,  etc.  Can be new or gently used.
    • Specific Needs: Fresh Step® Scoopable Litter with CarbonPlus™ Extreme Odor Control for cats. Flea control for cats Advantage® II Cat 6-Pack Flea Meds for dogs K9 Advantix II For Dogs – 6 Pack
      • Pet food: A quick list of the top 15 Best Pet Foods for Cats and Dogs. 
      • Grain Free Herbed Duck Confit and Sweet Potatoes Entree
        Blackwood Chicken Meal and Field Pea Recipe Grain Free Dry Cat Food
        Earthborn Holistic Wild Sea Catch Grain Free Natural Dry Cat & Kitten Food
        Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Cat Food
        Lotus Just Juicy Pork Stew Grain Free Canned Cat Food
        Now Fresh Grain Free Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food
        Redbarn Naturals Salmon and Delilah Grain Free Canned Cat Food
        Wysong Optimal Vitality Dry Cat Food
        ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison and Fish Canned Cat Food
        Spring Naturals Grain Free Chicken Dinner with a Medley of Garden Greens and Berries Dry Cat Food
        Under the Sun
      •® Grain Free Pure Elements Dog Food
        Wellness Natural Pet Food®
        Taste of the Wild®
        Natural Balance®
        Nature’s Variety
        Honest Kitchen Embark®
        Newman’s Own®
        Primal Pet Foods®
        Holistic Select®
        Diamond Naturals®
        Dr. Harvey’s®

        • Specific food: Alpo Come and Get it (dogs), 9 Lives Plus Care (cats).  Both of these are on the worst foods list but they’re affordable.
        • Non-specific food: Dry kibble, canned food or treats for dogs and cats, Timothy Hay or pellets for rabbits.
        • All food must be edible and within the expiration date or food safety standards – if you’re not sure or would not feed it to your own pet (out of safety, not because they don’t like the flavor), please consider disposing of the food safely.
        • Gift Cards are always welcome.
      • Office supplies: filing cabinets, chairs, computers, etc. Please contact us so there are no conflicts with space or transportation. Gift Cards are always welcome.
      • Home Repair Items: Please contact us so there are no conflicts with space or transportation. Gift Cards are always welcome.
      • Other: If what you would like to donate is not specified above, please get in touch with us to see how we can work together.
      • Gift Cards are always welcome.  Gas, Food, Restaurants, local stores, national stores, Amazon, etc.
      • For all in kind donations, please contact us beforehand if you would like to know specific items needed, available space (in terms of large office or pet supplies), or information on transportation and delivery. We also take monetary donations. Please see the Donations Made Easy page, use the recurring donation buttons on the side or contact us for more options.Get Started: Help Out Today Multiple Award Winning Nonprofit: Veteran Rescue is mostly run on a volunteer basis, in time, effort and love. If you would like to help out today, we appreciate all donations, whether big, small, virtual, physical, in kind or through social media. Veteran Rescue is 501c3 approved, CFC approved and tax exempt.Veteran Rescue ® is a 501c3 nonprofit created by Ms. Christi Hubbard to use animal assisted therapy to assist Veterans in their rehabilitation and reorientation through various services. Since 2011 we have been assisting veterans with home repair projects, rehabilitating rescued animals and paring them together to heal both with plenty of care.
      • Just Give
      • Network For Good
        32-0337515Google One Today

        Google Wallet


        Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
        CFC: 19270

        Amazon Smile:Click here to support Veteran Rescue through Amazon Smile. A portion of any purchase made on Amazon through Amazon Smile will be donated to Veteran Rescue.

        Go Fund Me

        Walk For A Dog (phone app)
        Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp

        Amazon Author Page:

        For all that you donate to Veteran Rescue, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Every donation is a sign that you care and that you are here to support not only Veteran Rescue, but the animals we take care of and the Veterans we work with. Let us show that we care about what you have done for us, by continuing to provide high quality care and love to the people and pets we encounter daily.

        Thank you,
        Everyone at Veteran Rescue


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