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Want to donate to Veteran Rescue? We have several options to make sure your donation is used effectively and efficiently. Check this page to see what specific in-kind items we are in constant need of, such as pet food and office supplies. You can also schedule a recurring donation with our fast, easy and secure system.

See your donations at work! All donations go directly to our programs in need.

Get Started: Help Out Today Multiple Award Winning Nonprofit: Veteran Rescue is mostly run on a volunteer basis, in time, effort and love. If you would like to help out today, we appreciate all donations, whether big, small, virtual, physical, in kind or through social media. Veteran Rescue is 501c3 approved, CFC approved and tax exempt.

Veteran Rescue ® is a 501c3 nonprofit created by Ms. Christi Hubbard to use animal assisted therapy to assist Veterans in their rehabilitation and reorientation through various services. Since 2011 we have been assisting veterans with home repair projects, rehabilitating rescued animals and paring them together to heal both with plenty of care.

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For all that you donate to Veteran Rescue, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Every donation is a sign that you care and that you are here to support not only Veteran Rescue, but the animals we take care of and the Veterans we work with. Let us show that we care about what you have done for us, by continuing to provide high quality care and love to the people and pets we encounter daily.

Thank you,
Everyone at Veteran Rescue     8 million dogs and cats enter shelters in the United States each year according to the humane society.  Veteran Rescue’s goal is have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. It was estimated that U.S. improvement and repair expenditure amounted to about 326.1 billion dollars in 2015. In American population 2.2% or 7.7 million people may have post traumatic stress symptoms and the military was not included in this fact.

      • $25 can feed 5 cats or feeds 1 dog for 1 month.
      • $50 can feed 5 cats, 1 bag of litter or feeds 2 dogs for 1 month.
      • $100 can pay for
        • feeding 5 cats, 2 bags of litter, flea medication for all
        • feeding 2 dogs and provides flea medication for all, for 1 month.
      • $500 has several options:
        • can feed 1 horse for 1 month, paired with a Veteran for 4 equine therapy sessions
        • can pay for simple vet care such as shots, worms, spay/neuter, farrier, etc
        • can pay for 1 Veteran Landscape project.
      • $1000 also has options:
        • can feed 2 horses for 1 month, paired with 2 Veterans for 4 equine therapy sessions
        • can pay for 1 X-Ray or long term Vet care.
      • $5000 also has options:
        • pays for  5 Veterans paired with horses for equine therapy sessions
        • pays for 1 Veteran home repair project
      • $100,000 can pay for
        •  15 Veteran home repair projects in their entirety
        • boarding 8 horses and 80 Veterans’ equine therapy sessions
      • $1,000,000 pays for a new facility with healing retreats.

For everything you do, thank you. Veteran Rescue is more than grateful for a donation of any size.

When you donate to Veteran Rescue, you help an animal out and more.
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