Why we help Veterans

We hold events, share news that helps others, write business books to help Veterans transitioning, pay for education classes, help Veterans start their own companies and pay for that, pay to repair homes, feed those in need, drive them to appointments in addition to our main program of animal assisted therapy, recreational therapy, equine therapy, rescue animals in need and pair them with Veterans. Our adoption guidelines are strict to keep everyone safe and alive. We hold fundraisers, apply for grants, and do so much more for those in our community. We are ” A Warrior’s Sanctuary” and we do this to “Save A Life”!

Our videos show current and former clients who were willing to be videotaped or photographed. They show our sponsors, Miss USO, and pets we’ve helped.

As the Team page shows, my board is mainly Veterans who believe on our cause. It also shows why I do what I do. I come from a long line of Veterans including my dad who fought in Korea. I have first hand knowledge of how animals help save lives.

I strongly believe we can reduce suicide rates, divorce rates, and burn-out by utilizing Veteran Rescue programs. The Veterans came to me and asked for these programs. They told me what worked for them, what didn’t, what the VA had done for them, and most important the wait time needed. That’s why I operate on a nationwide basis to assist them.

My sons believe in the cause so much that one of them attended an event 2 hours away just days after having brain surgery to remove a tumor. He had a head full of stitches, but he came. That was shocking but it meant the world to me. You can see his picture on the Press Release page. The Tampa Tribune covered that event.

Veteran Rescue now needs help to get more people sharing our content, liking our pages, donating to our programs, our cause, our needs. I hear all the time I had no idea you were even out there because we need more exposure. Please help us in our time of need as we have helped so many of you.

Christi Hubbard


CFC 19270

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