What a Sponsor Pays for/Commemorative Items

Thank you Beverly Oswald for allowing us to feed the rescues with your generous donation!

See how you too can help Support Veterans, their families, rescued pets, and more:

Sponsor Veteran Rescue with a Recurring Donation 100% Tax Deductible!

Schedule your sponsored payments easily and with a secured, safe system. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, the control is yours. For smaller amounts, please use the site-wide shopping cart.

$25:Feeds 5 cats or Feeds 1 dog for 1 month.

$50:Feeds 5 cats, 1 bag of litter or Feeds 2 dogs for 1 month.

$100:Feeds 5 cats, 2 bags of litter, flea meds for all or Feeds 2 dogs, flea meds for all for 1 month.

$500:Feeds 1 horse for 1 month, paired with a Veteran for 4 equine Therapy Sessions or Pays for simple Vet care such as shots, worms, spay/neuter, farrier, etc. or Pays for 1 Veteran Landscape project.

$1000:Feeds 2 horses for 1 month, paired with 2 Veterans for 4 equine Therapy Sessions or Pays for 1 X-Ray or long term Vet care.

$5000: Pays for 5 Veterans paired with Horses equine therapy sessions or Pays for 1 Veteran Home Repair Project.

$100,000: Pays for 15 Veteran Home Repair Projects in their entirety or pays for boarding 8 horses and 80 Veterans Equine Therapy Sessions.

$1,000,000: Pays for a new Facility with Healing Retreats.

We have commemorative brick sizes:

We offer 8″ by 4″ by 2¼” Brick -Clay or Concrete with 1-3 lines of engraving (18 to 20 spaces/line)     $35.00

8″ by 8″ by 2¼” Brick – Clay or Concrete     with 1-6 lines of engraving (18 to 20 spaces/line)  $50

12″ by 12″ by 2¼” brick Concrete     with 1-8 lines of engraving (18 to 20 spaces/line)     $100

Adding a Clip art, Symbol     Per any clip art, emblem, symbol or logo     $20.00

commemorative plaques $250

Give an animal a name $500

room name/conference room name $100,000

Name that building $1, 000,000

What is paracord?

Paracord has long been used by the military and outdoors-men for endless varieties of tasks.  The cord is designed for the line that suspends you from a parachute.  It has a tensile strength of 550lbs.  The cord is about 1/8″ in diameter composed of a braided outter nylon sheath and 7 inner strands.  The outer sheath has a tensile strength of 300lbs. and each inner strand a strength of 35lbs.

In a survival situation the cord can be used to lash items together, hoist items up a cliff or tree, snares, shoe laces, bow string and many other uses.  The inner strands can be removed and used as a fishing line, sutures etc. The uses are endless.

T-Shirts and Coffee Cups also being sold to our supporters make great Christmas Gifts. All funds goes towards our Programs! 100% Tax Deductible!

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