Veteran Rescue Raffle!

Veteran Rescue has a stack of raffle items. Who wants to win?

A set of 6 specialty Veteran Rescue Coffee Mugs

Gift Certificates to Free Pet Sitting, Dog Walking-2 up for grabs!

Paracord Bracelets- 3 up for grabs!

Paracord Dog Collar – size small to medium. 2 up for grabs! Fits a fat Shih Tzu 

Autographed color celebrity photos- 3- 8 by 10

Autographed Black and White Celebrity Photos 2- 1 is 8 by 10 the other is 3 by 5

Veteran Rescue T-Shirt- 2 up for grabs!

First Edition new Sci Fi book-The Shadow Assassins-2 up for grabs!

Veteran Rescue Auction

A Portrait Package from Bradford Renaissance Portraits available at a luxurious Palm Beach studio in South Florida worth $5500!!

Bidding starts at $500 per the gifter

1 Lg Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue  T-Shirt left. Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel gift certificates both gone.

2 Veteran Winners so far. Tom Cruz and Mike Perry.

Who will be next to win? Do you want a chance to win? Contact us today and let us know who you are and why you want to win. What item appeals.

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