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The Fourth of July is a celebration, of the birth of America. Every summer, families and friends get together to enjoy barbeques and fireworks. However, not everyone can enjoy the fun. While many people serving in our military come home fine to their families, some come back with varying trauma. These brave warriors can face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sometimes homelessness, joblessness and problems with drugs and alcohol.

This is where Veteran Rescue comes in. Since 2011, Veteran Rescue has dedicated hard work into caring for the veterans and active military that face these issues every day. We want them to know that they are not alone and that help is available.

Veteran Rescue is embarking on an ambitious project to keep serving our veterans.

We receive calls and referrals from other organizations but our current facility is way too small to accommodate the needs of everyone. We envision a 100 acre ranch in XXX county, Florida that would house our rescue animals and 25 veterans and service personnel.

A ranch at its most basic needs a $50,000 down payment for a $150,000 purchase. With this ranch, not only could we house veterans to be rehabilitated, but we could pair them with animals specifically trained to be companion or service animals. This ranch would also serve as a retreat for Veterans, their families and government workers.

Outside of a large ranch purchase, there are smaller monetary needs in pet care costs (for active service animal training) and general administrative costs.

How You Can Help Veteran Rescue

We encourage all donations, especially those matched against our current donations. These are the types of donations we accept:

  • Monetary
  • In-Kind (specifics at
  • In-Person Donations: We have another donation table event July 4 & July 5th at Publix (corner of Rinehart Rd and Timacuan Blvd) in Lake Mary, Florida. This will be our last event at this location so catch us while we’re available!

How our donations can be used can be found at Donated money tagged specifically for purchasing the ranch will go into an escrow account until we have enough.

Veteran Rescue accepts monetary donations by cash, check, debit/credit card and through online services like Paypal. Anyone can donate either all at once, or through a recurring monthly, quarterly payment, or whatever is most convenient to you.

Here are some of our past donations:

  • CFC donors pledged a total of $16,000 delivered monthly and quarterly.
  • Temple Terrace Women’s Club raised $350 for the year as their President’s Project.
  • Donation Table Event Raised $1224 in May.
  • Wildcat’s Sanctuary and Ranch has already been matching funds $4000 for 3 years

Veteran Rescue Challenges You to Match Donations that are pledged and contributed by July 31st. $25,000 this year to date! If a small Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company can match funds so can you!

The Need: We receive calls on a daily basis and referrals weekly from other organizations. Our current facility is way too small to accommodate them all.


With an estimated 24 US Veterans take their lives every day! These women and men need our nation’s help. Many of our Veterans are negatively impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury and depression. Transitioning out of the military is difficult for many Veterans; resulting in drug/alcohol abuse, relationship issues, violence, unemployment and homelessness. About 25% of those who are homeless on any given day are Veterans. Veterans may find comfort and companionship in have a dog and/or using equine therapy; in knowing they have the job skills necessary to gain and maintain a job; and knowing they have support of a community and the nation.

The Goal: Purchase an Equine Therapy Ranch where Service Dogs will be trained with their handlers, Veterans and Family members can go on Retreats and Heal. Rescued Animals will get a new start on life including Horses for our programs.






The Solution: Businesses and People Nationwide pledge to match funds and Donate Today to help Veteran Rescue Raise the Funds needed to purchase the ranch and immediately begin helping a 1000 Veterans and animals instead of dozens for the exact same cost per year!   





You tell us how You will Win this Challenge! The Winner will be the Business or Person that donates the most by July 31st! This includes pledges that are followed through with later. We will have Tier Level awards: Such as 3 Kindle Winners, Amazon Gift Cards of $25, $50, $100, books, Veteran Rescue Shirts and Cups, Framed Certificates, Public Acknowledgement on TV and social media, a Seat on our Advisory Board of Directors just to name a few. Tiers Levels are $1-$2500, $2501-$5000, $5001-$16000,$16001-$25000, $25001-$150,000, over $150001.

  • Rescue animals and train to provide comfort and therapy. By December, 2017 we will have rescued and trained at least 50 animals; Rescue 20 dogs and 30 horses for therapy. We rescue cats, dogs, and horses. This means we will need farrier services, veterinarian services frequently for shots, spay/neuter, routine care, food, treats, beddings, litter, harnesses, etc.
  • Provide therapy and counseling for Veterans. By December, 2017 we will have served 1000 or more Veterans, their family members, government workers, disabled children and battered women all will benefit from my services per ranch at 1 ranch location.
  • Provide job training that include apprentice training, job search and interview skills By December, 2017 we will have trained 150 Veterans. Staff needs will be 7 minimum with 15 volunteers for retreats and therapy. Apprenticeship sessions for Veterans. Working with local community builders. Teaching with real life examples and Veterans looking to open their own business.
  • Buy my book for more information:
  • Promote awareness about the services to help Veterans make a change in their lives.
  • Connect community members with Veterans, by making presentation and developing relationships in the local community, across the state and nation. Travel East Coast, West Coast upon request. To be able to speak at multiple Military Bases and Federal Buildings. Sept through Dec.  By December, 2017, we will have made 500 presentations and developed 200 relationships.
  • Project Information: When we purchase 100+ acres horse ranch with outbuildings and a home on it we will immediately implement all goals listed above. It will then become a staffing/hiring/obtaining supplies and budget needs appropriately. We will move from a home based operation working with less than 10 Veterans a year face to face to a ranch we’re not paying to rent to use, saving money, time, and staff. Hiring staff will mean dependable certified help. No more waiting lists. There are 2 military Bases interested in working with us as well as the VA and multiple Military Veterans and family members have reached out to me

Veteran Rescue Mission Statement Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp. DBA Veteran Rescue® is dedicated to transforming the lives of wounded and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Veterans through equine interaction, therapies and job opportunities. Government, public and corporate agency personnel are also affected by PTSD, and they have other challenges such as high stress burn out, particularly in the corporate world and government agencies.  Disabled children and others in need, such as battered women will be encouraged to utilize our services. We offer our unique Team and skill set to benefit others. We are the leader in our industry because we utilize service animals in our equine therapy center on our healing retreats.

Veteran Rescue Vision Statement Veteran Rescue programs are dedicated to help heal wounded and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affected Veterans through physical and psychological therapies accomplished on horseback.  Intrinsically, these programs will provide a health service-based need to military Veterans, government, public, and corporate agencies. The government, public and corporate agency personnel are encouraged to utilize our services to lower their stress burn out. Equine Therapy has been proven to lower heart attack and stroke risks, along with stress levels; a longer life span with quality of life is the result. Disabled children and others in need such as battered women will feel safe, loved, and ready to face the challenges of life. We will be helping to heal our Veterans who were wounded, those who are afflicted with PTSD and their families within those communities; this will be accomplished through equine therapy designed to reduce their symptoms.  Promisingly, our programming will lower suicide rates with Veterans while providing hope and independence to all people involved in our programs through medically and psychologically acknowledged therapeutic equine therapy.   Our ranch will be available to the government, public and corporate agency personnel who are also affected by PTSD, high stress burn out in both the corporate world and government agencies and other challenges. Disabled children and others in need such as battered women will be encouraged to utilize our services. 

Long Term Objectives: Demonstrate patriotism working with wounded military Veterans and putting them to work. It’s a Win/Win situation; heal our Veterans and lower their family’s anxiety and emotional pain, improve our economy and reduce Veteran suicide and divorce rates. Our goals are to reduce suicide rates, divorce rates, drug and alcohol addiction, end homelessness, give everyone a second chance, house those in need as space is available, and employ approximately 50 people per ranch in addition to our licensed personnel. Company Overview Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Corp., is a service – needs based organization focused on helping primarily Military Veterans while utilizing horse rescue along with other animals to assist in the healing process. “A Warrior’s Sanctuary”.

Buy the book:


Christi Hubbard 407-967-8341 Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp. CFC Approved! 19270 (Combined Federal Campaign) 501c approved and tax exempt certified. Trade name Veteran Rescue ® “A Warrior’s Sanctuary”. Be sure to keep up to date:        “Invest in our work to give Veterans and pets a better future, making them contributing members of society and our community stronger and healthier.”

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