Trademark Theft Again!

Last year 1 person was stealing my trademark and profiting from it, this year there are 4 including the 1 from last year. Cease and desist letters have been emailed to them all including to the business corporations licensing board. Arkansas, Texas, Arizona and Georgia Veterans all! Why is theft ok? Why keep stealing someone else’s brand?

You know a simple Google search brings up my charity and trademark information. You legally can not ever use the words Veteran Rescue together, you can not add a word to it, and you can’t rip information off my website and business plan and call it your own!

There is no reason 3 people should be stealing my brand and trademark! All veterans no less!!

BEWARE!! Veterans in multiple states are stealing VETERAN RESCUE’s brand, trademark, and are PROFITING from it!! Cease and desist letters were sent. I will stay on top of it and I will shame them all!

Some Veterans will steal anything to make money for themselves: I’m sick of being ignored! If you know him, be aware he is a thief!

Paul Reprogle in Arkansas, he’s been warned repeatedly, shut down every social media site and IRS will not give him 501c3 status, he is still using my brand name. He keeps changing it up but he’s still stealing and profiting from my name. Veteran rescue Retreat is not legit.

Mission K9 Rescue in Texas is stealing. I also sent them a cease and desist. A simple Google search brings up Veteran Rescue’s legal status. Ignorance is not even a valid excuse. You operate a business you do due diligence! Veteran Rescue Ranch, aka Veteran K9 Rescue is also not legit in that they’re violating my trademark. Their members have also been nasty and threatening on Facebook.

Gerald Edwards in GA, ran a Go Fund Me campaign using our brand name that is trademark and has been for some years!

Veteran Rescue Mission in Tucson, Arizona EIN: 82-0871623 also thieves.

Being nice doesn’t do anything for your business but allow others to step all over you and steal from you.

Trademarks must be vigorously defended. 

This is the 3rd time I am contacting you about a business person in your state stealing my trademark, my information from my website and setting up his own nonprofit  in your state claiming it’s his. He was sent multiple cease and desist letters, and all websites and social media was shut down. IRS refuses to give him a 501c3 because they saw my charity trademark is already in use.

He is not a 501c3 and never will be using my material!! My trademark is copied here for you to see. If I have to go to court, I will be suing for breach since you are supposed to watch for this. Paul Reprogle now owes me for every penny donated to him in my name. You have helped him seem legit when he’s not.

Revoke his official standing: Arkansas Secretary of StateArkansas Secretary of State
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Goods and Services    IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Charitable services, namely, organizing and conducting volunteer programs and community service projects aimed at increasing support and morale of families of deceased war veterans, war veterans, current members and future members of the United States military. FIRST USE: 20110401. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20110401
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Serial Number    86090496
Filing Date    October 14, 2013
Current Basis    1A
Original Filing Basis    1A
Published for Opposition    March 18, 2014
Registration Number    4543044
Registration Date    June 3, 2014
Owner    (REGISTRANT) Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp. DBA Veteran Rescue CORPORATION FLORIDA 628 Chatas Ct Lake Mary FLORIDA 32746
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