Tour of 5K follow up details

That was a most informative 2 hour tour of the 5K race route.

The only “off road” race in Florida parks. It has trip hazards. Most of the race is one person wide sometimes two. The markings are line of sight. There is only parking available for 200 cars max. The gate opens at 8AM so our race has been pushed back to 9AM. We have 14 confirmed volunteers. Ranger says we need 30 for 250 cars. I don’t see us having 250 cars. He also brought up the fact that only a UTV 2 seater will work for our venue. That’s true! He gave me links for places that rent them out.  Also only Verizon cell phones work in the park.

Those runners raising $150 of sponsors for their run will get a free Veteran Rescue T-Shirt. Merry Wiseman Sanchez is the closest right now. She is the only runner signed up. She says it was easy.

Our branded T-Shirts and Coffee Cups that fits Kurieg Machines will be on hand for sale. The shirts are all men pre shrunk Small, Med, Large, X Large. only. Our debit card machines is having issues so be sure to order online our website or bring cash. Cups are $10 and shirts are $20. With no wifi available and only Verizon customers with service, it’s best to bring cash or order in advance.

Our auction items of massages,Valued at $80-$120, there are 2 of them; casino cruise for 10 valued at $340 will be available as well. We have a free casino night valued at $400 and an original painting valued at $1500 also available.

All of these are available on our website. There are drop down tabs. If you order online we will ship it to you or bring it to the race for you. Be sure to mention your choice in the option line.

For those people coming to drop off supplies this is what we’ve sent them: FYI we accept all sealed foods, litter, treats, etc. This is just what our facility uses. We take the others for our clients and adopters.

Every day needs are dog food (preferred wilderness or Rachel Ray), cat food (prefer 9 lives, meow mix, wilderness), bunny food (green bag at Walmart), treats for all 3 types of animals, fresh step litter extreme scented preferred, hay, pine shavings, harnesses all sizes, but big dogs needed most, leashes, gift cards, dog nail clippers for nails, flea meds for cats and dogs of all sizes. There’s a list:

Runners/sponsors for our 5K For our Warriors and Pets Feb 25, 2018

Christi Hubbard 407-330-8032
Owner & President
CFC 19270
A Warrior’s Sanctuary

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