Thieves beware we are telling the Nation of your crimes!

Updated 3/3/17

Trademark Infringement update: We are happy to report LinkedIn and Facebook took down the pages and profile. Twitter did not. Godaddy and Paypal have not done so yet either. They are at risk of being included in the lawsuit. Arkansas Corporation hasn’t dissolved the illegal entity yet either.

Fraud update: 6 government and police agencies are looking into different aspects of this case against Craig Martin of Tennessee. He is not to be trusted. He stole $1500 because he did not provide the terms of the stated reason for the funds nor did he return it. No contract, no royalties, no show, only a dress rehearsal because no one showed up and he wrote it off his taxes.  The State of Tennessee administratively dissolved his corporation Craig Martin Inc in 1994. Lesson learned I don’t care who vouches for someone else, the answer is no!

Shame on you two men!

Trademark Infringement violators beware we will not be silent any longer. You have ignored multiple cease and desist notices. Now I am letting the nation know you are not honorable and you have no integrity. I own this trademark and Veteran Rescue Retreats is NOT a part of my organization. If you believe in justice, honor, and integrity DO NOT USE it. You have stolen my information for your own use. Further this illegal nonprofit EIN 47-5051523 is NOT 501c3 approved. LinkedIn was notified of his infringement violations and copyright violations and they ignored it without looking into it, don’t be the sheep that blindly follows. I didn’t painstakingly build Veteran Rescue’s brand for others to steal.


Veteran Rescue Retreat

Company Industries Individual & Family Services Company Size2-10 employees  North Little Rock, Arkansas


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Soldiers and all first responders have the toughest jobs in the world. They stand unwavering in the face of our countries enemy’s to keep family and fellow citizens safe. They do this at great sacrifice to themselves with little thought towards their own wellbeing. Many come home with the scars of war for all to see, but others return with deep scars where only they can see and then don’t know how to deal with the trauma they silently endure. A few figure out how to successfully deal with their pain and confusion, but many do not and the pressures of life, family, and society continue to build without a release. At some point they do release through alcohol, drugs, living fast and hard, violence, or any other self-destructive means. Our Mission is to catch those we can and provide a safe place for them to disengage and decompress, get a life reset with a new non-destructive mindset, and go out to lead a productive life.


North Little Rock, Arkansas


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2-10 employees




Individual & Family Services




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Veteran Rescue Retreat

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Founder Director

 I was in existence multiple years before Paul refused to do his homework and as a result, his website and business name are illegal and must be closed immediately! My trademark is legitimate as is my 501c3 IRS approval. The Navy SEAL Foundation went through this very same issue. It is NOT ok to steal from other nonprofits!

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