Rogue needs Our Help!

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue stands ready to help. We will give tax deductible receipts, and help share the message. By giving directly to the vet’s office you know the money is being used appropriately. I’m asking my Board members to share this as well for me. We are in TN, LA, FL, and more. We are looking to branch out to KY too.

From Sheila Clover English‘s photo.


This is Rogue. Three weeks ago she was attacked and abused. She requires surgery which must be done no later than March 18th. Unfortunately that surgery is $800 which will also include reconstructive surgery on her little girl parts.
I have raised money for other dogs in need and this time it is my dog that I need help with. We are currently looking for ways to raise money for Rogue’s surgery. She was too anemic to have it sooner, but is now ready for the surgery.
If you would like to help you can make a donation directly to the vet’s office at Montgomery County Vet Clinic 859-498-3288. Let them know it is for Ed and Sheila English’s puppy Rogue.
Love of Paws has raised $25 which is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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