Ranch facility update, contract pending

Ranch Facility Update

Veteran Rescue purchased 40.91 acres in Chestnut Oak Ridge, Kentucky today. We will have to build a home, cabins, barn, sink a well, septic, and fence it in.  We were extremely lucky to be able to finance it. We are within driving distance to many Military facilities and Federal employees.

This property has a stream running through it as well as being surrounded by a forest and mountains. Recreational at it’s best.

Please help us to be able to open up 100% in a timely manner. Volunteers welcome. We will be purchasing supplies as needed and making trips to the property on weekends mostly until we have a temporary place to stay while there.

We will be attending events in the surrounding areas including Tennessee, Virginia, and more.

Right now, we are awaiting deed documentation and legal papers to arrive in our email to make it final.

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