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Queen received another donation to help with her spay/dew claw removal. Thank you so much for sharing the message. Any money donated over the needed amount goes to helping our other rescues with their needs.

An anonymous donor is matching gifts!:

  • An anonymous donor will match all new monthly recurring donations, but only if 75% of donors upgrade to a recurring donation today.
    We have 11 days to raise $5000 via 40 or more donors.


    Queen is a dog staying with the non profit Veteran Rescue. Veteran Rescue needs your help in not only spaying Queen, but removing her dewclaws, which have grown in such a way that they have split into two separate dewclaws each. Smaller donations are also accepted in order to help care for her feeding costs and other necessary care costs.

    What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

    Queen is a rescued dog brought to Veteran Rescue. Her companion Bear has already been neutered but she is in need of a spaying. In addition, her dewclaws were so long that they have actually split into two, providing a dangerous situation that cannot be clipped safely without fear of hurting her. She has also already caught her dewclaws on items and has panicked from it. Help bring peace of mind to not only this dog, but any potential future owner. Help Veteran Rescue care for Queen.

    How will this project solve this problem?

    We are looking to raise money in a few different ways. One, by raising the funds directly needed to help get her spayed and have her dewclaws removed. Two, should we go over or below our goal, any money raised can go directly to her care, either in feeding needs or toys to help entertain her and keep her active – or, alternatively, for other vet costs. Vet care is not always cheap, so any money raised helps.

    Potential Long Term Impact

    Queen has come into heat twice since arriving at Veteran Rescue and the organization is not in a position to care for puppies. Long term, spaying would prevent any unwanted pregnancies while caring for her, that could put her or any puppies at risk. The dewclaw removal would also see an immediate impact, as she sometimes catches her dewclaws on things accidentally, and instinctively tries to pull herself out of it. This has hurt her before – we don’t want it to happen again

    Funding Information

    Total Funding Received to Date: $150
    Remaining Goal to be Funded: $4,850
    Total Funding Goal: $5,000


    Help! Dog needs spaying & split dewclaw removal

    • $15

    • $20

    • $100

    • $500

    • $1,000

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