Recently we have been reevaluating our Programs we offer. Should we add more, remove some, put spending caps on them, documentation we ask for, etc.

It was brought home to me quite recently that I can’t help everyone and that by trying to please everyone only drains my limited resources that much quicker.

I have a very unique niche and I should stick to it.

Based on the kinds of requests for help we’ve been receiving, it was decided a cap in place was reasonable and able to help us keep our budget under control.

The kinds of documentation we ask for and receive in order to assist a client is reasonable, legal, and necessary in case of audits. Any non profit should expect to be audited frequently as they grow bigger and handle more and more funds.

As for the programs we offer we are evaluating the Home Repair Project and decided not to add anything more to what we already offer, regardless of whether it’s a good fit for my Mission and Vision.

I can’t stress enough the importance of documenting everything, even people on your Advisory Board. Document every conversation, and suggestion made in case of future malfeasance. Which we’ve already weathered a few times.

People think that because I am woman owned business helping Veterans and animals it is okay to lie to me, try to use me for their own gain, agree to handshake deals only and more.

I have Honor, Integrity, Faith, and I keep my dealings above board and transparent. Much to some people’s dismay.

I always answer any question asked of me in regards to my business. If something is confidential it stays that way.

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