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I just had a conversation with a Navy Veteran in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday who informed me no one knew anything about my nonprofit that helps Veterans nationwide and we needed to do something about that. 🙂 She asked for my brochures to pass out, asked if she could put on fundraisers in Veteran Rescue’s name, and of course the more we are tagged in social media the more awareness is raised. Follow Us Online  Trade Name #Veteran #Rescue CFC Approved! We help Veterans Nationwide! Confidentiality Guaranteed!

We are looking for Patron Sponsors for our 501c3 approved nonprofit if you know of any businesses that support Veterans and animal causes.

Trademark Press is printing up 1000 new business cards this week for us! They gave us a great deal too! See what they can do for you! Tell them Veteran Rescue sent you! Now the new dedicated emails will be on the cards. 🙂

We printed up new brochures at home with correct information, prices, awards, etc. We are waiting to have our Sponsor Printer Trademark Press to do our next batch! They have excellent quality, craftsmanship and print all kinds of items! I’m shipping this first batch off to my good friend and Veteran in Jacksonville for Fleet and Family Services!

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