Please give the gift of life

If you could please donate anything at all to help offset the cost of transportation (this includes renting a SUV big enough to travel in with their kennels, tolls, gas, food & drink for’s a 5 hour trip each way without traffic), veterinarian care to have them fixed, food, training, etc. We have Paypal and a secure credit card button options on our website. All contributions are 100% tax deductible!!

Very Loving Irish Wolfhound looking for a new home

Diva’s parents died last week and is now in need of a loving forever home. If interested please contact me

Diva is 6 years old. She seemed to be picked on by the other dogs at the farm, and one dog in particular, according to the previous owners. They said she was “low man on the totem pole”, and acted like Diva’s sweet disposition was a drawback in a multiple dog situation. They also said that Diva has always been very shy and reticent. My take on that is that Diva would do best as an owner’s only dog. As for shots, on 9-25-13 she had an annual vaccine for distemper adenovirus Type 2; parainfluenza parvo vaccine, plus frontline treatment. On that same day she was wormed at 125 lbs. with Fenbendazole paste. She is due for rabies vaccine in January of next year. I don’t know if she has been spayed, but she had 3 litters. I don’t know how Diva is with cats, but the farm where she lived has goats also, I think.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping me find a good home for Diva.

2 German Sheppard’s are being trained for Service Dogs after being picked up on Tues Dec 10th. They are a bonded pair and must go together.

2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts
2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts

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