New Updates with Veteran Rescue! Exciting Times Ahead!

We went to Sebastian yesterday morning to meet with our new Veteran Partner and the Veterans that asked to be involved to hear what I and my VP had to say: The trip was a total waste of my time. No one showed up. He went camping. Moving forward all meetings will be held in my office. If any Veteran or company is interested in supporting Veteran Rescue and you have questions, want to meet my team: contact me directly at

Volunteers and Donations Needed!! needs your help! We help veterans and animals to lead better lives. We need your time and donations to help staff and fund our programs. Please contact Christi at 407-967-8341 or email her at today! Thank you!!

Veteran Rescue – “A Warrior’s Sanctuary”

New JV Partner, Veteran owned and operated: Heroes of Freedom
You will see us together at multiple events and Home Repair Projects. August 17, 2013 we will be going out with volunteers to complete several Projects. 
We are looking for a Veterinarian that specializes in Horses to work with us and contact us ASAP! We are searching for a Horse Ranch with a bunkhouse willing to let us use a portion of it for filming in Central Florida. Secret Project coming out in Sept 2013.

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