CFC APPLICATION APPROVED!! All Military and Federal employees can  now ask their HR/Payroll person to add us to their charities to donate to before taxes.

Veteran Projects 1 & 4 completed! the Veterans asked to be kept confidential so I numbered them. #1 was landscaping much of the year, adding flower beds. #4 was flooring for a transplant recipient who couldn’t be around mold.

  • Christi Hubbard #2 is in Fl and in need of everything from cabinets, insulation, walls, and more. It’s a $15,000 project. #3 is in Va and also a $2500 project. #5 is in Wa and a $5000 project. #6 is in Fl and is a $2000 project. I obtain home Depot and Lowe’s gift cards to give the Veterans so they can pick what they need. I rotate them until the projects are completed. I use the donations from my working Concession stands to obtain the cards. I’m always looking for donations to help these Vets Home Repair. 3 days ago
  • Christi Hubbard   Yes this program is still going on for Veterans. Just send me your DD214 or Military ID copy and an estimate for your project. I will give you a copy of my 501c3 letter to go to your local Home Depot or Lowes Manager and start getting your project under way.We help Veterans Nationwide. Active Duty or Veteran. Tax exempt too for your project purchases.
  • We have donation tables scheduled open-close at our local Publix. If you’d like to volunteer time to sit at one, please let us know.
  • CBS Radio Station 102 Jamz will be airing my interview several times throughout the quarter. 101.9 FM Sunday Morning 6-7AM. It is 30 minutes long. If you can, please listen and donate. Please share this.

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