New Board Members and Volunteers

Good News!! Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue has new Board Members and Volunteers in multiple states across the country. They are helping to network, introduce, and organize fundraisers to get all the Home Repair Projects completed and to help purchase the ranch.

Thank you so much for helping. Robert Wilson, John Bazemore, Tom Cruz, William Galvan, Heidi-Marie Ferren, Melissa Vazquez, Mark Myers, Azure Matt, Christian Tujo, Mike Perry, LinkedIn – Mil-Net, Linzi Krueger, Judith Teasley, Jack Pagano just to name a few.

We are looking for volunteers and Board members to help out. Board members meet quarterly by Skype. I have them in multiple states, We have a 5k run/walk fundraisers set up in multiple states. We still have openings on the Board. Contact me if interested. Here is some more detailed info on current items.

1st Annual Veteran Rescue Fun Run! Florida…/veteran-rescue-annual-fun-run



Volunteer Registration:…/vetera…/2015/volunteers/register

Stand Alone Shopping:…/veteran-rescue-an…/2015/shopping

CO, CA, TX, AR, NC, TN, and FL will all have these runs soon. Contact the Board member in your state to ask about it.

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue needs your support. Share. Let’s show politicians how we care for our Military Veterans and animals in need.

It takes a dedicated community helping their nonprofits to succeed.

Tampa, Fl; Temple Terrace, Fl; Temple, TX; Clarksville, TN; and Lake Mary, Fl; Jonesboro, AR, Colorado Springs, CO, Los Angeles, CA; Lumberton, NC Thank you for your support. Let’s keep it going!

 Whose community values help for the Veterans, for the animals, for Therapy animals. Who is in NEED?

Veteran Rescue can not do it ALONE, We need the community to step up and support us whether donating in kind items such as pet food and other supplies, or holding fundraisers on our behalf, or even introducing us to local movers and shakers.

It takes a community of supportive people working with the nonprofit. Please donate and share this with your network.

 Veteran Rescue needs a new facility now. Bear, Queen, Numa, Angel, Chester, and others deserve the space just as our Nation’s heroes deserve the fresh air and animal assisted therapy, not being over medicated or suiciding.

 We will be speaking in Orlando, Fl in October 14 and 21 as well. We would like our Veterans to step up and speak on our behalf in their area for the CFC. Military and Federal Employees will be choosing their nonprofit to support. Hopefully our supporters will help us get the word out. CFC 19270. From now through December choose CFC 19270.

Mark Your Calendars!!

5 k Race with fun walk is  Dec 19. Sat.

Al Lopez Park course. Tampa, Fl



Stand Alone Shopping:…/veteran-rescue-an…/2015/shopping

Volunteer Registration:


We also have these races in other states coming up as well including Texas, Colorado, and California. I can’t thank my volunteers enough for participating and helping push Veteran Rescue awareness to others.

FYI we’re eligible for government contracts as a Woman Owned Small Business. Set asides, subs, and prime.  

We have high hopes for obtaining our ranch.

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services (DBA Veteran Rescue) is a 501c3 nonprofit in Lake Mary, FL. Since 2011, Veteran Rescue has helped both veterans and animals alike, pairing them together to combat PTSD, stress, overwork and to give a second chance to animals living on the street.

Veteran Rescue’s original goal was to always have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. Now, five years after its inception, Veteran Rescue has the opportunity to obtain a ranch instead of partnering up and renting out pieces of ranches, like it has been done in the past. Never before has our main goal of having a ranch for our nonprofit been closer in our sight.

This is where you come in. We need your help to get this ranch.

With the ranch, Veteran Rescue can be 100% operational. Our main goal has always been to assist veterans overcome the challenges they may face coming back from deployment or dealing with PTSD. With this ranch, we can reach out further and help pair human and animal together – to heal, to form companionship and to rejuvenate the spirit.

To learn more about Veteran Rescue, please see

The Need: We receive calls on a daily basis and referrals weekly from other organizations. Our current facility is way too small to accommodate them all.

 Fact: Some areas such as Tampa, Fl have higher than average suicide numbers. The popular number of 22 is no longer accurate as of Feb 2013. See our videos about PTSD on our Youtube page:

With an estimated 24 US Veterans take their lives every day! These women and men need our nation’s help. Many of our Veterans are negatively impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury and depression. Transitioning out of the military is difficult for many Veterans; resulting in drug/alcohol abuse, relationship issues, violence, unemployment and homelessness. About 25% of those who are homeless on any given day are Veterans.

Veterans may find comfort and companionship in have a dog and/or using equine therapy; in knowing they have the job skills necessary to gain and maintain a job; and knowing they have support of a community and the nation.

The Goal: Purchase an Equine Therapy Ranch where Service Dogs will be trained with their handlers, Veterans and Family members can go on Retreats and Heal. Rescued Animals will get a new start on life including Horses for our programs.

The Solution: Businesses and People Nationwide pledge to match funds and Donate Today to help Veteran Rescue Raise the Funds needed to purchase the ranch and immediately begin helping a 1000 Veterans and animals instead of dozens for the exact same cost per year!

What is PTSD?

According to Military Pathways, it is estimated that 11-20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, 10% of Gulf War Veterans, and 30% of Vietnam Veterans experience PTSD symptoms. Of the general American population 2.2% of the American population, ~ 7.7 million people, may have PTSD symptoms.

Benefits of Equine Therapy:

Can grooming and riding horses foster recovery from mental illness? According to a recent article published in the Psychiatric Times, the answer is “yes”. “Evidence has continued to accumulate; more rigorous controlled studies are being conducted, resulting in the emergence of a significant body of literature supporting the therapeutic value of the human-companion animal interaction.” An article reviewing the benefits of animal-assisted therapy has even appeared in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.

Please share the link to all your follower, friends, family, coworkers. You never know who can donate, even if it’s just $5 a person. Don’t our Veterans deserve better treatment? Don’t the animals in kill shelters or abandoned deserve better? Please help get the word out there.

I see all kinds of money going to dead or dying, why not help the living to succeed not commit suicide or self medicate. We’re not asking for much.

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About the rewards:

Tier 1: Get a personalized thank you card.

Tier 2: Thank you mug + card

Get a personalized thank you card AND a 16 oz mug as a thank you for donating.

Tier 3: Thank you shirt + card Get a personalized thank you card AND a Veteran Rescue shirt for donating. Please email with your name, address and preferred shirt size if you have one. If you don’t provide us with this information, we may send you a size Large by default, or whatever stock is on hand. If you email us but haven’t claimed this reward on GoFundMe, we cannot send you this reward – apologies!

Future rewards/stretch goals:

These can be added once we know we have the interest but the ranch MUST be purchased and operational! These will be added once we hit our 50k goal.

-Discounted visits to Veteran Rescue

-FREE visits to Veteran Rescue

Thank you for all you do!

SELECT A REWARD LEVEL Or, Donate a Different Amount



Get a personalized thank you card from Veteran Rescue for your efforts.



Get a personalized thank you card and a free 16 oz mug for your donation. Fits Kurig Machines!!



Get a personalized thank you card and a Veteran Rescue shirt. Please email w/ your name, address & shirt size or Large will be sent.


 Veteran Rescue Annual Fun Run

Race Description

The 1st Annual Fun Run for Veteran Rescue. Our 501c3 nonprofit helps Veterans, their families, and animals. All proceeds go to our programs and purchase of ranch facility. We are unique in that we use animals in our therapies. We are a Warrior’s Sanctuary! Let’s Have Fun and raise money for our Heroes. If you’re in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete Florida area please come join us!! Click the link below to find out how you can run or walk for FREE!! Prizes to be awarded. Runners get set and mark your calendars!


Contact Information

Name: Christi Hubbard



Next Race: 12/19/2015 08:00 (Saturday)

Location: Al Lopez Park Tampa, FL



Categories: 5k Fun Run, Family Walk Ages 12+, Kiddies Fun Time

Volunteer Registration:


Stand Alone Shopping:…/veteran-rescue-an…/2015/shopping

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