Know Your Worth!

Know Your Worth!

I just had to talk about this. I know several of my friends can attest to this as well.

A recent conversation: ” You’re prices are too high!” My vet only charges $20/day to Board in the cages”, I want $10/day for your services. I charge $40/day to have run of the home, frequent playtime and walks through nature’s harvest.

I again go to my competitors and look at their prices. Let’s compare:

Large dog: $25/day for 6 by 8 room, playtime extra, 4 or 5 doggie shots required, extra walks, extra money.

Large Dog: $50/day, 4 or 5 doggies shots required, everything extra, holidays double priced!

Vets offices cages only, $20-60/day, no extras

Me: Run of the home, only Rabies is required by law so that is all I ask for, playtime all day, no charge! Extra walks, no charge! As in this case Once an hour sometimes 3 times an hour as dog is old and has cancer. Home has Oriental carpets and regular carpets to go with tile and wood floors. Cleaning costs for floors included in my prices.

Results: I had already guaranteed a deep discount of $20/day. I stood by that. I did not get the client’s business. That is okay. I know my worth. This was a one time exception. It will not happen again. I give discounts to Military and long term clients.

Know your worth. I don’t take every potential client that comes my way looking for rock bottom prices or even less than going rates. I have won 4 consecutive awards for my quality of service.

To learn more:

I also keep my recommendations on my website. I have multiple client referrals. Google reviews, LinkedIn, and website, and let’s not forget Facebook. I’m looking at joining Angie’s List next.

The reason I tell you this is because if you sacrifice your worth for one person, next thing you know here comes a referral: “Well you did it for them, do it for me.”

Your services are costing you time, money, chemicals, employees, insurance, gas, vehicle repair and much more. Research your competitors and know your worth. The lowest fees on the block does not guarantee you clients. It may in fact guarantee you get none!

I have spoken to may other business owner and this is a frequent complaint of theirs. If this has happened with you and you want to share how you handled it, please comment!

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