This is a shame!!! And, in Florida, businesses are not even allowed to ask for the papers, only what type of service the dog provides. And they certainly are not allowed to turn them away. Thank you Alex and Skip for your service. This will surely be a learning experience for all who witnessed this event. “Denying a service dog is a Civil Crime of the Federal ADA laws, and a criminal Crime under Florida State laws. Penalties can be compounded. A doctors office recently refused a service dog entry. It was fined $10k by the DOJ. A lawer denied a Service Dog in to their building, and was even warned by another lawyer present that it was illegal. Resulted in a $50,000 judgement by the DOJ, payable over two years. There are very few exceptions when service dogs are may be denied. A person and business should always error on the side that helps the disabled instead of risking a costly lawsuit by denying.”

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