Introducing The Smith & Harvey All-Terrain Fight Shop

Okay, folks. Fred Harvey here… It’s almost time. The Smith & Harvey All-Terrain Fight Shop will open it’s doors on Saturday May 24th! Pre-Orders start Saturday May 17th.

Anyone who pre-orders any product that we carry through the month of June, ANYONE, will receive a very significant discount. 20% off. Active Pro-Ammie Fighters, you will receive at least this much of a discount PERMANENTLY.

Active Vetted fighters representing SSF now or in the past: Contact me personally for your pricing. Let Me be clear… We are just regular guys. We saw a need. We are going to fill it. I cannot advertise certain prices.

I believe that if you are TRAINING YOUR ASS OFF day after day, year after year, if you’re working your ass off at your day job, paying your bills, feeding yourself and your family, and still representing your sport… You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of your gear so that you can afford your insurance.

You are the sport. We are here to serve you. More details on pricing will be announced over the weekend and whispered in dark hallways. By the way, I won’t post this anywhere else… First person to Roar upon entering my store on opening day gets $100 dollars store credit. Yeah bi#*h, I just said that. Test Me.


Shared in it’s entirety with permission.

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