The Importance of Giving

The Importance of giving can best be summed up with it’s all about your generosity. We almost have all of our corporate bills paid off! We are just $2000 short of being in the black this Fiscal Year! How exciting is that! It is thanks to all of you, our supporters who have made this possible!! Our Goal is to be in the black by the end of this July!

We have a Donation Table July 19-20 at Publix (Rinehart and Timacuan)

We have an Auction ending July 19th.

We have Collectible Coffee Cups for sale to help raise funds. You can buy them from our website or from Ebay.

Running a non profit is hard work keeping all the animals fed and healthy. Repairing the vehicle every time it breaks down. Traveling to promote what you do, who you help and why. We have been operating since 2011 as a 100% tax exempt, tax deductible non profit. We went from being in the red to being very close to being paid off.

We are now shooting for a mortgage to purchase our own facilities instead of borrowing others.

This year is special because the CFC (combined Federal Campaign) opened up to Universal Giving which means if you have my CFC 19270 you can donate to us via your Payroll anywhere in the Country. That alone helps springboard non profits into helping even more people!!

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