How you can help Support Veteran Rescue

Thank you for your support! We need to raise awareness. All of you can help in many ways.

1.You can donate items to be auctioned off.
2. You can share my posts, videos, and website links, talk about us, tag us on social media and and
3. You can donate money via our donate buttons or by phone or by mailing a check.
4. We need corporate sponsorships
5. We are looking to partner and collaborate with other agencies and organizations.
6. We are looking for people to refer others to us.
7. You can host a retreat at your ranch in our name.
8. You can hold fundraisers for us.
9. You can donate a ranch property for a huge 100% value tax deduction.
10. We are looking for a celebrity spokesman.

We have 12 Programs operating. We have warriors waiting for their turn to come around again so they can complete their home repair projects.

I help Veterans nationwide.

I am in Lake Mary, Fl. 407-967-8341

All kinds of support is needed to be successful! I have 12 programs.

Here is a short video highlighting some of my actions:

I help Veterans nationwide.

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