How a Rescue Happens: The Good and Bad

2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts
2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts

Yesterday was a comedy of errors in large proportions. If it could go wrong, it went wrong badly. My CEO and a volunteer went to 6 different stops which took them 22 hours to drive straight through. Rental Vehicle had poor gas mileage, no GPS, no toll pass, but it did have OnStar Thank God!

Our day began at 7:30AM on the road. Renatal Agency refused to serve us after owner of company arranged it.

Donor stop number 1 went well. Veteran Rescue received large bag of leashes, collars, harnesses for both cats and dogs.

Contract stop number 2 at partner facility didn’t recognize our name or purpose in showing up at the owner’s request.

Stop number 3 and 4 cancelled as a result.

Stop number 5: Pick up 2 new rescues that flew into the Country to be trained as service dogs and adopted out to person in Gainesville.  Google MapQuest gave street names, actuality they were numbered streets.. Multiple uturns, one very frustrated and tired CEO discovered the vehicle had Onstar. Of course it would have been nice if the rental agency had mentioned that. But no they apparently didn’t want their largest corporate repeat rentals. They lost 8 corporate accounts as of yesterday.

So finally arrive, circle around 6 times before finding right parking area. Then wait hours upon hours, page and call, and ask officials for help all to no avail. Finally customs supervisor helped us. Then getting out of the stop was a nightmare of large proportions because no one donated anything to this trip for the rescues. So no money, no way out. We scrounged up last of cash, and maxed out credit card to get out.

Finally on the road again, run out of gas…My reply? Over draw my bank account to make it back.

5:30 AM they arrive safe and sound.  Lots of photos coming.

Total cost of rescue: $500, Cost to Spay and Neuter them? Additional $250

We must also thank Guardians of Rescue for helping us keep calm with all the stress of this trip. Queen Bee and Bear are being trained as service dogs. They are already spoken for. The rescue eats all costs associated with rescuing, training, transporting, etc. 1460220_10152117986232433_1848085875_n 9015_10152117986362433_489311684_n 1467228_10152117990547433_484007326_n 1457555_10152117990627433_1962217838_n 1476714_10152117990692433_1510892065_n 1497607_10152117997932433_842278021_n

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