Help support our charity today. It’s easy and costs you nothing extra.

Help support our charity today. It’s easy and costs you nothing extra.

Automatic Donations for Veteran Rescue now available through your credit card processor

Thank you Steve for this wonderful opportunity to have donations rolling in from the credit card processing companies. Please contact me for the forms if you are interested.

If you are a corporation accepting credit cards and would like to help Veteran Rescue build it’s programs by switching today and not paying anything extra and having more customers driven to your websites. Please share this wonderful opportunity.

Benefits for your charity Added benefit for Veteran Rescue is that they will now receive 50 percent. Added benefit for merchants is that the company is offering a $500 guarantee of lower processing rates. If they can’t beat the rates the merchant is paying, they will pay $500. If you own a business that takes credit and debit cards or if you know of a business owner that is interested in supporting veterans, contact me right away. It doesn’t cost them anything extra and it will really help Christi as she helps veterans.”

Benefits for merchants:

• Increases business traffic as patrons want to support your charity
• No Cost to Switch Service
• No new equipment is required

Reprogram current equipment

• Seamless Transition

(Terminals will function the same as they do today.)
Help your charity with every transaction


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