Happy New Year!

Veteran Rescue hopes you’re having a Happy Safe New Year! Here are the impact numbers and latest and last from 2017.

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue administrative duties for 2017 is complete.
9 clients took advantage of the new toys and food we offered. Several National Military charities ignored us so their clients had no idea we even offered. Those charities made a very poor impression on us.
We’re packed and into storage units waiting for a facility to become available. Fundraisers we’re hosting is complete and ready for you to sign up. https://www.crowdrise.com/5KRunforourWarriorsandPets
Our auction http://veteranrescue.org/shop/auction-items and inventory items http://veteranrescue.org/shop are still for sale until it all sells.
CFC 19270 is still open accepting pledges. https://cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome We have a zero percent fundraising rate. 100% of all donations goes to our programs, not salaries.
Our 2017 990 is already uploaded to the website. http://veteranrescue.org/legal/financial You can see exactly what we bring in and where it goes.
Remember Good United blog we were utilizing is closing down in January 2018 and it all reverts to this blog.
This year was hard for us. We had 90% loss in revenue, we had an 95% increase in in kind food and supplies donated to us. We lost our facility so we are only working online with our Veteran clients. We’ve had to rearrange our programs to accommodate this. We had a slight increase in pet clients and Veteran clients.  2018 can only get better! We hope to partner up with our VP’s in obtaining property and a facility.  Our hope is we raise enough with the 5K , our goal is $25,000, to add to their contribution.

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