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With this ranch, not only could we house veterans to be rehabilitated, but we could pair them with animals specifically trained to be companion or service animals. This ranch would also serve as a retreat for Veterans, their families and government workers.

Rescue animals and train to provide comfort and therapy. By December, 2017 we will have rescued and trained at least 50 animals; Rescue 20 dogs and 30 horses for therapy. We rescue cats, dogs, and horses. This means we will need farrier services, veterinarian services frequently for shots, spay/neuter, routine care, food, treats, beddings, litter, harnesses, etc.
• Provide therapy and counseling for Veterans. By December, 2017 we will have served 1000 or more Veterans, their family members, government workers, disabled children and battered women all will benefit from my services per ranch at 1 ranch location.
• Provide job training that include apprentice training, job search and interview skills By December, 2017 we will have trained 150 Veterans. Staff needs will be 7 minimum with 15 volunteers for retreats and therapy. Apprenticeship sessions for Veterans. Working with local community builders. Teaching with real life examples and Veterans looking to open their own business.
• Buy my book for more information: http://smile.amazon.com/Helpful-Tips-Type-Bus…/…/ref=sr_1_8…
• Promote awareness about the services to help Veterans make a change in their lives.
• Connect community members with Veterans, by making presentation and developing relationships in the local community, across the state and nation. Travel East Coast, West Coast upon request. To be able to speak at multiple Military Bases and Federal Buildings. Sept through Dec. By December, 2017, we will have made 500 presentations and developed 200 relationships.
• Project Information: When we purchase 100+ acres horse ranch with outbuildings and a home on it we will immediately implement all goals listed above. It will then become a staffing/hiring/obtaining supplies and budget needs appropriately. We will move from a home based operation working with less than 10 Veterans a year face to face to a ranch we’re not paying to rent to use, saving money, time, and staff. Hiring staff will mean dependable certified help. No more waiting lists. There are 2 military Bases interested in working with us as well as the VA and multiple Military Veterans and family members have reached out to me
Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue

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