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For Love of Books Bookstore is selling  5 copies on hand selling for $10/each. That’s half off the cover price. Holiday special on sale right now while supplies last! A business book with to the point tips, links to go to, where to go for funding and more. Who to avoid for scams, mistakes to avoid making. Who I recommend. Basic questions are answered,links are provided, Save yourself time and money and order today. All sales are final and all proceeds are donated to charity.

book2 ShadowAssasinsFor Love of books Bookstore has 3 copies of Shadow Assassins on sale for $10/each.  All sales are final and all proceeds are donated to charity. 1st book in the trilogy series.

What is the Shadow Assassins about?
When vampire Dirk Calden visits the city of Moonlight Hills, he is in desperate need of help. He seeks the Shadow Assassins, a group of humans with supernatural talent. They are asked to come back to his native land, the Second Realm, home of all ancient magic. The Shadow Assassins are ready for a job they think will be typical: cleaning up the messes vampires leave in the night, keeping the humans from finding out about the native vampire population. Before they can start their job, they are attacked, separating the fiery half angel, half demon Evangeline from her friends – the shape shifter Kaleb, the earth mage Kaydee and the telekinetic Marco.

Stranded in a strange, magic land, each of the Assassins will have to find each other, among the native populations of elves, werecats and faerie tricksters…as well as deal with a rising war and a king bent on erasing the supernatural population from the land of magic they live in.

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