Attention Horse Ranch Owners

We were hoping to find a home owner wanting to help our Veterans. We still seek the following: corporate sponsors, donors, endorsements, supporters, and more.

We need a Grant Writer willing to submit proposals on our behalf.
All those interested please email us at or

Please let us know if the owner is willing to work with us on helping the Veterans.

One thought on “Attention Horse Ranch Owners”

  1. My suggestion on How to help eialinmte Veteran Homelessness: PAY VETERANS THEIR BENEFITS PROMPTLY instead of putting them on a hampster wheel of denials. Veterans for Common Sense says it takes an average of 4.4 years for a Veteran to appeal his claim at the BVA. Many Vets can not wait 4 years for their benefits and become homeless while on the long waiting list. The VARO’s keep making the same mistakes, over and over again, denying Veterans and never learning anything from the court cases that reverse the denials.The Veterans Benefit Manual published by Lexis Nexus demonstrates that there are 22 common errors made by the RO’s requiring Veterans to appeal or forfeit their benefits. These common mistakes, repeated by the VARO’s over and over again, result in Veteran homelessness en masse.

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