2016 a year in review updates

2016 was a kickbutt year for us. A ton of speaking engagements, special events, book writing, Christmas
decorating, being sick, having a hospital visit, pet sitting, and much more.

Yes we are still  looking for a ranch. 

My phone is not working at the moment so email, Facebook I/M, Linkedin are the best ways to reach me.

I finally have the book completed and published. It was a struggle to write and work all my companies. Thank you for your support.

Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business
Authored by Christi Hubbard
Patriotic & Family Oriented Business owner CFC 19270
Parts I, II, and III are now available for sale on CreateSpace, Amazon, Kindle, http://veteranrescue.org and http://forloveofbooks.com

My 3rd book has 50 chapters with sub paragraphs A-L for each titled topic and quotes between chapters. With an Appendix. Moving right along as I
find time to fill in the information between projects, animals, speeches, cleaning, stress relief, and more. Sleep? What's that? I average 3 hours a day. The joys of being an entrepreneur.
My first business book is titled: Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business, has 12 chapters; my 2nd book in the series Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business Part II: The Expanded Edition has 19 chapters plus an appendix;

All are in full color with detailed photos, answers and questions, and real life experience that works.

It's a great resource that is very inexpensive compared to all the other books out there. So buy it and use it, save your efforts, time and money
where they are needed....For your own company.

All are available at Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace, and for those who donate via AmazonSmile, http://veteranrescue.org and http://forloveofbooks.com
Give a gift that keeps on giving and is educational.


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