Veteran Studies conducted over the past decade show

When I first began my business in 2008 before I split into 2 companies I saw there were studies written up in the Psychology Times and Journal of the American Medical Association about animals and Veterans used for therapy together reducing suicide rates. The Veterans Affairs didn’t pay much attention and did not refer Veterans to these recreational therapy programs, nor did they or Tri Care or any other Insurance pay for it. Veterans had to go to those nonprofits that were free for Veterans.

Now there have been multiple studies specifically for equine therapy and at least one specifically for service dogs, but I think there are actually more than what has been reported. Because several grants require you to conduct scientific research on your program and submit it.

I know of at least 2 companies that are correlating all this data on Veterans and different types of animals helping the Veterans not only reduce suicides, bring their families back together, but lowers and stops PTSD all together!

All this is an effort made to get insurance companies, the Veterans Affairs to not only refer to these programs, but utilize them and pay for them. It brings awareness and confirmation of what we knew and educated about for over a decade!

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