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Help Danny Save his eye!

Christi Hubbard's photo.
Christi Hubbard's photo.
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You can help Danny save his eye by giving 100% Tax Deductible on our website http://veteranrescue.org Find the donate button, through Paypal email of christi@veteranrescue.org or through our Global Giving Challenge ( the funds arrive to us minus 15% 1 month after you donate) http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/help-queen-with-veteran-rescue/ Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue

Queen Global Giving Challenge!


Queen received another donation to help with her spay/dew claw removal. Thank you so much for sharing the message. Any money donated over the needed amount goes to helping our other rescues with their needs.

An anonymous donor is matching gifts!:

  • An anonymous donor will match all new monthly recurring donations, but only if 75% of donors upgrade to a recurring donation today.
    We have 11 days to raise $5000 via 40 or more donors.


    Queen is a dog staying with the non profit Veteran Rescue. Veteran Rescue needs your help in not only spaying Queen, but removing her dewclaws, which have grown in such a way that they have split into two separate dewclaws each. Smaller donations are also accepted in order to help care for her feeding costs and other necessary care costs.

    What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

    Queen is a rescued dog brought to Veteran Rescue. Her companion Bear has already been neutered but she is in need of a spaying. In addition, her dewclaws were so long that they have actually split into two, providing a dangerous situation that cannot be clipped safely without fear of hurting her. She has also already caught her dewclaws on items and has panicked from it. Help bring peace of mind to not only this dog, but any potential future owner. Help Veteran Rescue care for Queen.

    How will this project solve this problem?

    We are looking to raise money in a few different ways. One, by raising the funds directly needed to help get her spayed and have her dewclaws removed. Two, should we go over or below our goal, any money raised can go directly to her care, either in feeding needs or toys to help entertain her and keep her active – or, alternatively, for other vet costs. Vet care is not always cheap, so any money raised helps.

    Potential Long Term Impact

    Queen has come into heat twice since arriving at Veteran Rescue and the organization is not in a position to care for puppies. Long term, spaying would prevent any unwanted pregnancies while caring for her, that could put her or any puppies at risk. The dewclaw removal would also see an immediate impact, as she sometimes catches her dewclaws on things accidentally, and instinctively tries to pull herself out of it. This has hurt her before – we don’t want it to happen again

    Funding Information

    Total Funding Received to Date: $150
    Remaining Goal to be Funded: $4,850
    Total Funding Goal: $5,000


    Help! Dog needs spaying & split dewclaw removal

    • $15

    • $20

    • $100

    • $500

    • $1,000

    • $

2 German Sheppard Mix Breeds Need Homes

1467228_10152117990547433_484007326_n   Bear Male 1 yr 9 mo







9015_10152117986362433_489311684_nQueen 2 yr Female









GREAT FAMILY DOG, GUARD DOG, HUNTER…MUST BE THE ONLY DOG IN YOUR HOME. WILL ADOPT TOGETHER OR SEPARATE. Will Need Obedience Training. They’d make excellent police K-9 dogs too! Queen is semi-obedient.

ADOPTION FEE:$200 EACH This insures you can afford to care for the dog in a humane way, all shots, vet visits, cost of rescue, care, training. We are currently waiting for an opening at SpayNSave to have them spay/neuter.

A lot sure has happened in the month since we first picked up the 2 German Sheppard mixed breeds. They are much more well mannered now and we are working on socializing them and cats. It is going to take a lot of hard work re-training them not to eat cats. Once we have them altered their personalities will come through clearly and a lot of the kitty aggression will diminish.

Matt trains daily with them twice a day, Melissa takes photos and short videos, and I work with them while feeding and they sleep with me in my room. We alternate who walks when based on who gets up first. I let them out in mornings, then early afternoons, then Matt takes over.

They are both very affectionate. I haven’t posted much because I have been busy preparing our 990 and installing software. I also have been tending to my other clients.


How a Rescue Happens: The Good and Bad

2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts
2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts

Yesterday was a comedy of errors in large proportions. If it could go wrong, it went wrong badly. My CEO and a volunteer went to 6 different stops which took them 22 hours to drive straight through. Rental Vehicle had poor gas mileage, no GPS, no toll pass, but it did have OnStar Thank God!

Our day began at 7:30AM on the road. Renatal Agency refused to serve us after owner of company arranged it.

Donor stop number 1 went well. Veteran Rescue received large bag of leashes, collars, harnesses for both cats and dogs.

Contract stop number 2 at partner facility didn’t recognize our name or purpose in showing up at the owner’s request.

Stop number 3 and 4 cancelled as a result.

Stop number 5: Pick up 2 new rescues that flew into the Country to be trained as service dogs and adopted out to person in Gainesville.  Google MapQuest gave street names, actuality they were numbered streets.. Multiple uturns, one very frustrated and tired CEO discovered the vehicle had Onstar. Of course it would have been nice if the rental agency had mentioned that. But no they apparently didn’t want their largest corporate repeat rentals. They lost 8 corporate accounts as of yesterday.

So finally arrive, circle around 6 times before finding right parking area. Then wait hours upon hours, page and call, and ask officials for help all to no avail. Finally customs supervisor helped us. Then getting out of the stop was a nightmare of large proportions because no one donated anything to this trip for the rescues. So no money, no way out. We scrounged up last of cash, and maxed out credit card to get out.

Finally on the road again, run out of gas…My reply? Over draw my bank account to make it back.

5:30 AM they arrive safe and sound.  Lots of photos coming.

Total cost of rescue: $500, Cost to Spay and Neuter them? Additional $250

We must also thank Guardians of Rescue for helping us keep calm with all the stress of this trip. Queen Bee and Bear are being trained as service dogs. They are already spoken for. The rescue eats all costs associated with rescuing, training, transporting, etc.

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Please give the gift of life

If you could please donate anything at all to help offset the cost of transportation (this includes renting a SUV big enough to travel in with their kennels, tolls, gas, food & drink for us..it’s a 5 hour trip each way without traffic), veterinarian care to have them fixed, food, training, etc. We have Paypal and a secure credit card button options on our website. All contributions are 100% tax deductible!!

Very Loving Irish Wolfhound looking for a new home

Diva’s parents died last week and is now in need of a loving forever home. If interested please contact me christi@veteranrescue.org

Diva is 6 years old. She seemed to be picked on by the other dogs at the farm, and one dog in particular, according to the previous owners. They said she was “low man on the totem pole”, and acted like Diva’s sweet disposition was a drawback in a multiple dog situation. They also said that Diva has always been very shy and reticent. My take on that is that Diva would do best as an owner’s only dog. As for shots, on 9-25-13 she had an annual vaccine for distemper adenovirus Type 2; parainfluenza parvo vaccine, plus frontline treatment. On that same day she was wormed at 125 lbs. with Fenbendazole paste. She is due for rabies vaccine in January of next year. I don’t know if she has been spayed, but she had 3 litters. I don’t know how Diva is with cats, but the farm where she lived has goats also, I think.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping me find a good home for Diva.

2 German Sheppard’s are being trained for Service Dogs after being picked up on Tues Dec 10th. They are a bonded pair and must go together.

2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts
2 Rescued Together on St. Kitts

Updates Week of Sept 9th

Patriotic & Family Oriented Business owner CFC 19270 We need Dedicated Fund Raisers and Volunteers

We have 8 horses we are looking to board/use until we purchase our own ranch.

They are blooded/papered Arabians and Welsh Ponies. We will be using them in our Veteran Rescue Programs!

We are in Lake Mary. If interested in helping us out please contact me asap. I have to also transport them from North Florida to Central Florida.

Major updates! Tomorrow we have a big announcement and again on Thurs!

Patriotic & Family Oriented Business owner CFC 19270 We need Dedicated Fund Raisers and Volunteers

All Military and Federal Employees: CFC Donation Drive has begun: Be sure to choose us! CFC Approved! 19270 (Combined Federal Campaign)

The numbers raised are in! $46 by Paypal, $189.83 in cash at the table in 5 hours, and $55 donated by a corporation into bank account. $290.83. More volunteers needed to man the tables.

VIP flying into Florida Tuesday to sign papers with us. Our new Partner helping us fulfill all our contracts working concession stands and other events!! More on this after the Press Release!

Meeting more Veteran Families and helping them.

Helping Libby, the Service Dog!

Looking to collaborate with bigger non profits that has already won millions in grants.

Veteran Rescue T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Paracord Bracelets, Dog Collars, Leashes for sale raising funds!

Golf Tournament, Walk A Thon, and more in the works for this Holiday Season!

Show your Spirit and Support by hosting an event, or sharing items for sale, or more……


Libby needs Treatment!

Matt and Libby Fund  

$1492 of their goal of $2000 in just 9 days time. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help Libby heal. Updates report she is showing limited movement in the leg that was not working.

Veteran Rescue will provide any tax deductible receipts for donations helping Libby!

New Updates with Veteran Rescue! Exciting Times Ahead!

We went to Sebastian yesterday morning to meet with our new Veteran Partner and the Veterans that asked to be involved to hear what I and my VP had to say: The trip was a total waste of my time. No one showed up. He went camping. Moving forward all meetings will be held in my office. If any Veteran or company is interested in supporting Veteran Rescue and you have questions, want to meet my team: contact me directly at christi@veteranrescue.org

Volunteers and Donations Needed!!

www.VeteranRescue.org needs your help! We help veterans and animals to lead better lives. We need your time and donations to help staff and fund our programs. Please contact Christi at 407-967-8341 or email her at christi@veteranrescue.org today! Thank you!!

Veteran Rescue – “A Warrior’s Sanctuary”

New JV Partner, Veteran owned and operated: Heroes of Freedom
You will see us together at multiple events and Home Repair Projects. August 17, 2013 we will be going out with volunteers to complete several Projects. 
We are looking for a Veterinarian that specializes in Horses to work with us and contact us ASAP! We are searching for a Horse Ranch with a bunkhouse willing to let us use a portion of it for filming in Central Florida. Secret Project coming out in Sept 2013.