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Veteran Rescue

General Health Alternative Therapies Suicide Prevention  PTSD/Mental HealthTraumatic Brain Injury Job Assistance Human Services Service Animals HomelessnessEntrepreneurshipWe are a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of wounded and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Veterans through equine interaction and other animal-assisted therapies, home repair help and job opportunity assistance and support.


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Opioid abuse leads to higher suicide rates in Veterans

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The stigma that stops Veterans from seeking help

What discourages veterans from seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress? PBS offers a series called War on the Brain  to begin to answer that.

S… Read more »

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Giving women in the military better access to healthcare

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Army reserve and combat Veter… Read more »

Sample resume for a Service member transitioning to civilian workforce

Coming home once leaving Service can be tough for many. Here’s a sample resume for a Marine seeking a civilian job in law enforcement.

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American Humane Society rolls out new program to train service dogs for Veterans

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VIDEOS: Four Veterans tell their PTSD story.

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Two suicide attempts later, this Veteran walks his way to recovery

Many American’s have no idea that we lose 20+ Veterans to suicide every day. And after his own struggles, Ernesto Rodriguez is stepping up.

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Veterans, here are your best bets for colleges in 2017

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GI Bill processing delays affect 11,000+

Many Veterans take advantage of the GI Bill to pursue their education after they leave military service. However, you can’t pay your tuition bills if… Read more »

GI Bill processing delays affect 11,000+

Many Veterans take advantage of the GI Bill to pursue their education after they leave military service. However, you can’t pay your tuition bills if… Read more »

Veterans of Foreign War survey says: Fix the VA instead of outsourcing healthcare

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More than a quarter of calls to the VA crisis line go to backup lines

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Those b… Read more »

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Former female Service member captures photos in her “Women of the U.S. Military” project

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Indiana Veterans hoping healing brain injury treatment will be covered by insurance

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High school students make mini-documentaries about military Veterans

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Veterans speak out against cutting National Arts budget

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Senators in Maine rally for free national park access for wounded Veterans

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Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress killed by police, family sues

On March 9, 2015, a police officer responded to reports of a suspicious person knocking on doors and crawling on the ground at an apartment complex ju… Read more »

Homeless Veteran “camp” forced off State property in Arizona

The Arizona DOT recently forced a homeless veterans’ camp to relocate since the camp was on state-owned property.

Jeff Kagan, Veterans on Patrol re… Read more »

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Government of Canada details enhanced support for Veterans and their families

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Suicide toll reveals how system failed Canada’s soldiers and veterans

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One Veteran uses photography to manage his Post Traumatic Stress

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The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At

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New budget aims to give veterans better access to education, job market and health care

With the release of the 2017 federal budget, the deputy minister of Veteran Affairs is looking forward to implementing measures to better take care of… Read more »

Starbuck’s plans to hire 15,000 more military Veterans and spouses by 2025

Already hitting their goal of hiring 10,000 Veterans that was set in 2013, Starbuck’s now plans to hire 15,000 moreVeterans and military spouses by 20… Read more »

Navy Veteran takes his own life right before a fundraising event to help Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress

A benefit in Kansas City to take place March 24th, 2017, was not cancelled even though one of the organizers, Veteran Ben Kelley, tragically took his… Read more »

First double-amputee police officer sworn in–and he’s a military Veteran.

Lance Cpl. Matias Ferreira was leading a mission in Afghanistan. A machine gunner, he jumped from a rooftop to get some supplies. However what he didn… Read more »

Another consequence of 15 years of war? Child abuse on the rise in military families.

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Are social ventures right for venture capital?

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Neurologist has proof Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) works for Veterans with traumatic brain injury.

U.S. Army veteran Chris Liby says hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) saved his life after surviving an IED explosion while he was deployed to the Middle… Read more »

There might soon be legislation against pretending your pet is a service animal in Massachusetts

Hard to believe but there are many people who go online and order a service dog/animal ID kit even though their pet is not needed for any disability…. Read more »

INSPIRATION: Little girl rescued by Air Force veteran in 2005 asks her “hero” to JROTC ball 12 years later

You never forget kindness. Especially when it also saves your young life. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and killed nearly 2000… Read more »

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Can Virtual Reality help Veterans with trauma?

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Dying father of Veteran who took his life makes last effort to raise awareness with 600 flags

Howard Berry is dying of cancer. He’s stopped all treatment. His life seems less important after he lost his son, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Joshua Berry, t… Read more »

Veteran goes from living in car to graduating from college

Zack Cleghorn came back from deployment four years ago and transitioned to civilian life. He tried to hold a job but he suffered with depression and P… Read more »


My birthday donation gift to Veteran Rescue and updates.

I am traveling to Texas within a week to deliver the adopted animals to their new forever homes. I am traveling to South Carolina in May and Virginia in July to attend events benefiting Veteran Rescue. Patricia Franson donated her legacy to help support us which is what is allowing us to secure our future and help even more Veterans and animals. We can’t thank her enough may she rest in peace.

I am donating my birthday to Veteran Rescue. This nonprofit means a lot to me, and I invite you to give the gift of a donation for my birthday.


Thieves beware we are telling the Nation of your crimes!

Updated 3/3/17

Trademark Infringement update: We are happy to report LinkedIn and Facebook took down the pages and profile. Twitter did not. Godaddy and Paypal have not done so yet either. They are at risk of being included in the lawsuit. Arkansas Corporation hasn’t dissolved the illegal entity yet either.

Fraud update: 6 government and police agencies are looking into different aspects of this case against Craig Martin of Tennessee. He is not to be trusted. He stole $1500 because he did not provide the terms of the stated reason for the funds nor did he return it. No contract, no royalties, no show, only a dress rehearsal because no one showed up and he wrote it off his taxes.  The State of Tennessee administratively dissolved his corporation Craig Martin Inc in 1994. Lesson learned I don’t care who vouches for someone else, the answer is no!

Shame on you two men!

Trademark Infringement violators beware we will not be silent any longer. You have ignored multiple cease and desist notices. Now I am letting the nation know you are not honorable and you have no integrity. I own this trademark and Veteran Rescue Retreats is NOT a part of my organization. If you believe in justice, honor, and integrity DO NOT USE it. You have stolen my information for your own use. Further this illegal nonprofit EIN 47-5051523 is NOT 501c3 approved. LinkedIn was notified of his infringement violations and copyright violations and they ignored it without looking into it, don’t be the sheep that blindly follows. I didn’t painstakingly build Veteran Rescue’s brand for others to steal.


Veteran Rescue Retreat

Company Industries Individual & Family Services Company Size2-10 employees  North Little Rock, Arkansas


About us

Soldiers and all first responders have the toughest jobs in the world. They stand unwavering in the face of our countries enemy’s to keep family and fellow citizens safe. They do this at great sacrifice to themselves with little thought towards their own wellbeing. Many come home with the scars of war for all to see, but others return with deep scars where only they can see and then don’t know how to deal with the trauma they silently endure. A few figure out how to successfully deal with their pain and confusion, but many do not and the pressures of life, family, and society continue to build without a release. At some point they do release through alcohol, drugs, living fast and hard, violence, or any other self-destructive means. Our Mission is to catch those we can and provide a safe place for them to disengage and decompress, get a life reset with a new non-destructive mindset, and go out to lead a productive life.


North Little Rock, Arkansas


Company Size

2-10 employees




Individual & Family Services




Featured Groups

Veteran Rescue Retreat

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Paul Reprogle



Founder Director

 I was in existence multiple years before Paul refused to do his homework and as a result, his website and business name are illegal and must be closed immediately! My trademark is legitimate as is my 501c3 IRS approval. The Navy SEAL Foundation went through this very same issue. It is NOT ok to steal from other nonprofits!

We are excited!!

We are excited we found the perfect ranch, at a great value. Now we must secure it and that takes money. We are eagerly awaiting our CFC numbers and we were recently awarded $5000 cash from Cargill.  Thank you Cargill and Nutrena World. Thank you Larry and Carlene Cook who made this possible by choosing Veteran Rescue. Together we might have enough, but with Veteran Rescue’s supporters and donors contributing to this ranch to feel a part of Healing would be the best thing ever!

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services (DBA Veteran Rescue) is a 501c3 nonprofit in Lake Mary, FL. Since 2011, Veteran Rescue has helped both veterans and animals alike, pairing them together to combat PTSD, stress, overwork and to give a second chance to animals living on the street.

Veteran Rescue’s original goal was to always have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. Now, five years after its inception, Veteran Rescue has the opportunity to obtain a ranch instead of partnering up and renting out pieces of ranches, like it has been done in the past. Never before has our main goal of having a ranch for our nonprofit been closer in our sight.

This is where you come in. We need your help to get this ranch.

With the ranch, Veteran Rescue can be 100% operational. Our main goal has always been to assist veterans overcome the challenges they may face coming back from deployment or dealing with PTSD. With this ranch, we can reach out further and help pair human and animal together – to heal, to form companionship and to rejuvinate the spirt.
To learn more visit

While many people serving in our military come home fine to their families, some come back with varying trauma. These brave warriors can face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sometimes homelessness, joblessness and problems with drugs and alcohol.  This is where Veteran Rescue comes in. Since 2011, Veteran Rescue has dedicated hard work into caring for the veterans and active military that face these issues every day. We want them to know that they are not alone and that help is available.

Veteran Rescue is embarking on an ambitious project to keep serving our veterans.  We receive calls and referrals from other organizations but our current facility is way too small to accommodate the needs of everyone.

We envision a 162 acre ranch that would house our rescue animals and veterans and service personnel. A ranch at its most basic needs a $85,000 down payment for a $425,000 purchase. With this ranch, not only could we house veterans to be rehabilitated, but we could pair them with animals specifically trained to be companion or service animals. This ranch would also serve as a retreat for Veterans, their families and government workers.  Outside of a large ranch purchase, there are smaller monetary needs in pet care costs (for active service animal training) and general administrative costs.

“I have served on the Board of Veteran Rescue for several years now and it is a cause near and dear to my heart. On the Road as Miss USA, I saw first-hand the damage that PTSD inflicts on the lives and livelihood of our men and women in uniform. To me, Veteran Rescue is everything a service oriented organization should be. They are fully committed to serving our heroes in any capacity needed.  While their focus is animal assisted therapies to aid in the treatment and relief of PTSD, they use their time and resources to support service members in any way they can, whether it is a simple home repair, a calling card, or just an ear to listen. From the most basic need to the greatest, Veteran Rescue gives their all to find a way to meet the needs of our service members. They listen and support service members in a way I rarely see anymore. Christi works tirelessly to provide for and serve our heroes. She inspires me every  day with her selfless determination and commitment to serving those who serve.”  – Heidi-Marie Ferren, Miss USA,

According to Military Pathways, it is estimated that 11-20 of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, 10 of Gulf War Veterans, and 30 of Vietnam Veterans experience PTSD symptoms. Of the general American population 2.2 of the American population, – 7.7 million people, may have PTSD symptoms.  Can grooming and riding horses foster recovery from mental illness? According to a recent article published in the Psychiatric Times, the answer is “yes”.  “Evidence has continued to accumulate; more rigorous controlled studies are being conducted, resulting in the emergence of a significant body of literature supporting the therapeutic value of the human-companion animal interaction.” An article reviewing the benefits of animal-assisted therapy has even appeared in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.
Animal assisted therapy reduces suicide rates by 30%!!

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp (Veteran Rescue ®) is a 501c3 nonprofit created by Ms. Christi Hubbard (primary owner, founder and CFO) to use animal assisted therapy to assist Veterans in their rehabilitation and reorientation through various services. Since 2011 we have been assisting veterans with home repair projects, rehabilitating rescued animals and paring them together to heal both with plenty of care. We utilize the following services primarily:  Equine Therapy: Retreats for Veterans suffering from PTSD: Animal Rescues: adoptions, no-kill shelter. Home Repair Projects. Animal Assisted Therapy.

In regards to animal rescue, Veteran Rescue currently takes in and cares for several animals. The animals are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and socialized before they are adopted out. If they have injuries, their injuries are taken care of. The animals are used in therapy and paired up with families in need. Veteran Rescue makes sure that the people who adopt the rescued animals can take care of the animals in need by screening potential adopters through phone calls, interviews playtime with the animals and house visits.

The cost of caring for these animals in need is extensive and space is limited within Veteran Rescue’s facilities. Because of this, Veteran Rescue is looking to expand its facilities but resources are limited and needs must be prioritized. The needs include the cost of food, shelter, shots, spaying, neutering, de-flea/de-worm treatment, first  aid, toys and room for the animals to play and grow.  Veteran Rescue prides itself on its care. It has won 6 awards for Best of Lake Mary animal shelters. Veteran Rescue pledges to continue this quality of care, despite the need for resources. Support of any kind is more than appreciated, in the form of in kind donations, gifts, monetary donations, grants, CFC funds, fund raising and word of mouth. As good stewards, Veteran Rescue is open to visiting with local representatives in any of our national branches.

Fact: With an estimated 24 US Veterans take their lives every day! These women and men need our nation’s help. Many of our Veterans are negatively impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury and depression. Transitioning out of the military is difficult for many Veterans; resulting in drug/alcohol abuse, relationship issues, violence, unemployment and homelessness. About 25% of those who are homeless on any given day are Veterans. Veterans may find comfort and companionship in have a dog and/or using equine therapy; in knowing they have the job skills necessary to gain and maintain a job; and knowing they have support of a community and the nation.

The Goal: Purchase an Equine Therapy Ranch where Service Dogs will be trained with their handlers, Veterans and Family members can go on Retreats and Heal. Rescued Animals will get a new start on life including Horses for our programs.

The Need: We receive calls on a daily basis and referrals weekly from other organizations. Our current facility is way too small to accommodate them all.

The Solution: Businesses and People Nationwide pledge to match funds and Donate Today to help Veteran Rescue Raise the Funds needed to purchase the ranch and immediately begin helping a 1000 Veterans and animals instead of dozens for the exact same cost per year!

The cost needed to raise is: $150,000 annually with startup purchase of $450,000. Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services DBA Veteran Rescue needs your support. Share. Donate. Network. Let’s show politicians how we care for our Military Veterans and animals in need.

It takes a dedicated community helping their nonprofits to succeed.  Veteran Rescue can not do it ALONE, We need the community to step up and support us whether donating in kind items such as pet food and other supplies, or holding fundraisers on our behalf, or even introducing us to local movers and shakers. It takes a community of supportive people working with the nonprofit. Please donate and share this with your network.

Veteran Rescue needs a new facility now. Bear, Queen, Numa, Angel, Chester, and others deserve the space just as our Nation’s heroes deserve the fresh air and animal assisted therapy, not being over medicated or suiciding. Veteran Rescue’s original goal was to always have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. Now, five years after its inception, Veteran Rescue has the opportunity to obtain a ranch instead of partnering up and renting out pieces of ranches, like it has been done in the past. Never before has our main goal of having a ranch for our nonprofit been closer in our sight.

This is where you come in. We need your help to get this ranch. I see all kinds of money going to dead or dying, why not help the living to succeed not commit suicide or self-medicate. We’re not asking for much. With the ranch, Veteran Rescue can be 100% operational. Our main goal has always been to assist veterans overcome the challenges they may face coming back from deployment or dealing with PTSD. With this ranch, we can reach out further and help pair human and animal together – to heal, to form companionship and to rejuvenate the spirit.   To learn more about Veteran Rescue, please see


Fact: There are nearly 21,000 in the line of duty police officer deaths over the past 200 years. There have been 25 K9 in the line of duty deaths. There have been over 4500 fire fighter in the line of duty deaths over the past years. Military in the line of deaths only major combat wars: Since 1980 7,673 deaths, since 1775 1,354,664 died.

Tier 1: Get a personalized thank you card.
Tier 2: Thank you mug + card
Get a  personalized thankard AND a 16 oz mug as a thank you for donating card
Tier 3: Get a personalized thank you card AND a Veteran Rescue shirt for donating. Please email with your name, address and preferred shirt size if you have one. If you don’t provide us with this information, we may send you a size Large by default, or whatever stock is on hand. If you email us but haven’t claimed this reward on GoFundMe, we cannot send you this reward – apologies!

Future rewards/stretch goals:
These can be added once we know we have the interest but the ranch MUST be purchased and operational! These will be added once we hit our 50k goal.

-Discounted visits to Veteran Rescue
-FREE visits to Veteran Rescue

Thank you for all you do!

2016 a year in review updates

2016 was a kickbutt year for us. A ton of speaking engagements, special events, book writing, Christmas
decorating, being sick, having a hospital visit, pet sitting, and much more.

Yes we are still  looking for a ranch. 

My phone is not working at the moment so email, Facebook I/M, Linkedin are the best ways to reach me.

I finally have the book completed and published. It was a struggle to write and work all my companies. Thank you for your support.

Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business
Authored by Christi Hubbard
Patriotic & Family Oriented Business owner CFC 19270
Parts I, II, and III are now available for sale on CreateSpace, Amazon, Kindle, and

My 3rd book has 50 chapters with sub paragraphs A-L for each titled topic and quotes between chapters. With an Appendix. Moving right along as I
find time to fill in the information between projects, animals, speeches, cleaning, stress relief, and more. Sleep? What's that? I average 3 hours a day. The joys of being an entrepreneur.
My first business book is titled: Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business, has 12 chapters; my 2nd book in the series Helpful Tips For Any Type of Business Part II: The Expanded Edition has 19 chapters plus an appendix;

All are in full color with detailed photos, answers and questions, and real life experience that works.

It's a great resource that is very inexpensive compared to all the other books out there. So buy it and use it, save your efforts, time and money
where they are needed....For your own company.

All are available at Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace, and for those who donate via AmazonSmile, and
Give a gift that keeps on giving and is educational.


bookcover-business-book-3 bookcoverimage bookcoverpreview2ndbook 15356669_10211290937809156_8272482973554671192_n 3x3otter-copy img_2621 stuff-983

Trade name Veteran Rescue