Emergency funding needed

Veteran Rescue bought 41 acres in Mount Vernon Kentucky which turned out to be inaccessible and not as advertised. We contacted the land company and they have refused a refund. They offered a trade to a remote property more expensive with no electric, water, trees, homes, or anything. We can’t afford that.

Veteran Rescue’s current location has just 30 days left before everyone is on the streets. Due to the current economy, loss of wages from 3 different people living here, we can no longer pay our current bills.

I have personally applied for other jobs to help out, but am “over qualified”. The Girl Scouts have been providing our animal food and supplies needed to operate. We can’t thank them enough.

Veteran Rescue has no current sponsors funding our programs, and our fundraisers are not raising any money. We do have a 5k race on November 12th in Lake Mary which we encourage people to sign up for.

Veteran Rescue is in desperate need of funding to relocate.  We thank you for any assistance provided.

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