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Looking to hire talent

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue is hiring Strong Talent.…/veteran-resc…/looking-hire-talent

Veteran Rescue is looking for a professional “heavy hitter” fundraiser to obtain funding for the 501c3 nonprofit and their salary comes from that money. Inquiries send to

Our programs are nationwide and so long as the fundraiser is achieving results, they can be located anywhere. Virginia, Texas and Florida preferred because our ranch once enough funds arrive will be in one of those states.  Benefits will be obtained after a steady flow of income, sponsorships, and donors are achieved.



Ground Breaking on Facility Begins

We break ground on our property for our new facility next weekend, July 22, 2017. We are clearing, taping, fencing, building sheds with sleeping lofts, cabins in just 2 days.

We are meeting with Governor’s Office, VA, and hopefully our Senator there as well on Monday July 24th.

We are accepting donations from the Girl Scouts on Sat July 29th.

We are meeting with our co-host for the 5k race event that weekend too.

Veteran Rescue is a very small nonprofit with very limited funds incoming via CFC 19270.

We are in need of handy volunteers that can work with construction type tools, help put up walls of wood, mix concrete and more. We are in need of items on our donations page to be donated and delivered to us.

The very basic cost of this relocation and ground breaking is $15,000. This includes food for people and animals, bills due, tools needed, and supplies to be purchased.

We operate nationwide and have our Headquarters in Florida relocating to Kentucky.  Please donate, whether it’s in kind needs on our list or cash, or your body volunteering onsite in Kentucky. Please let us know if you’re going to be there so we can expect you. We sincerely appreciate all that our supporters do for us in our time of need.


Christi Hubbard,                                                                                         Owner/President                                                     


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Our 501c3 nonprofit organization Veteran Rescue is accepting donations. Perfect for college students enrolled in Summer and Fall, business people organizing their day, high school students, doctors offices, attorneys,  and other charities organizing their days and events. These retail for $20 plus tax in stores, get yours here today for 100% tax deductible receipt.

Contact me for pickup, delivery or mail. or IM on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Goodreads, and more.

Virginia Events

Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 8AM. Tickets are still available.

Who in Virginia area is going to accept the challenge? Raise funds for charity. Monster Mash SEAL Challenge.

Veteran Rescue is proud to support this worthy charity hosting the event.

Hosted by

Volunteer Representatives Needed in VA, KY, FL

#VeteranRescue is looking for assistance from the following states/areas:

#Virginia #VirginiaBeach Veteran Rescue is looking for supporters and/or clients to represent us at events such as the #SamWeltyBarCrawl, June 10, 2017 onsite artist auctions, #TributeMural Dedication ceremony, video PSA airing on Facebook and websites. This includes #CFC speeches or events.  CFC is Sept-Dec.

#Kentucky #Lexington #MountVernon Veteran Rescue is looking for supporters and/or clients to represent us at events such as the Foundation Building of our new facility, this includes volunteers helping us install fencing, barns, and more. Special events we hold or attend in the area. This includes CFC speeches or events. CFC is Sept-Dec. 

#Florida #Tampa #Orlando #Jacksonville Veteran Rescue is looking for supporters and/or clients to represent us at events such as the CFC speeches or events. CFC is Sept-Dec.

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue to confirm or sign up.

Impact Statement

Veteran Rescue’s original goal was to always have a ranch for veterans to use, for equine therapy, to relax, refocus and re-energize themselves. Now, 6 years after its inception,  Christi Hubbard has purchased 41 acres in Rockcastle County, Kentucky for Veteran Rescue to use!! Now we build as donations arrive. I can’t thank you enough for all your support.

The Girl Scouts provided for our rescue pet needs for the rest of the year!! Way to go Annabelle. FY 2017.

Gwendolyn Franson provided the funds to purchase the property along with the CFC. FY 2017.

Cargill provided the funds to purchase a truck to pull our horse trailers, haul heavy loads, our trailer with a smoker, and drive all over the property without getting stuck! FY 2017.

The CFC also provided funds for Veterans starting their own business needs, TBI person needs, Home Repair projects, and rescued pets needs. FY 2014-2017.

Together we were able to make the dream a reality. No more renting out ranches!!

This is where you come in. We need your help to put buildings on this ranch. To put in a well, septic, barn, and cabins.

With the ranch, Veteran Rescue can be 100% operational. Our main goal has always been to assist veterans overcome the challenges they may face coming back from deployment or dealing with PTSD. With this ranch, we can reach out further and help pair human and animal together – to heal, to form companionship and to rejuvenate the spirit.
To learn more visit

While many people serving in our military come home fine to their families, some come back with varying trauma. These brave warriors can face post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sometimes homelessness, joblessness and problems with drugs and alcohol.  This is where Veteran Rescue comes in. Since 2011, Veteran Rescue has dedicated hard work into caring for the veterans and active military that face these issues every day. We want them to know that they are not alone and that help is available.

Veteran Rescue is embarking on an ambitious project to keep serving our veterans.  We receive calls and referrals from other organizations but our current facility is way too small to accommodate the needs of everyone.

Volunteers needed!

Veteran Rescue is looking for a lot of help from Rockcastle, Kentucky and Mt. Vernon, Kentucky construction and contractors in the area. We recently purchased 41 acres and are in need of donated items, services, volunteers, and other assistance. Our needs are to completely fence in 41 acres, drop 1 of 3 wells, 1 of 3 septic tanks, build 1 of 3 homes, barn, cabins, and 1 of 3 garages. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization helping Veterans and animals nationwide our funds are limited and we need to make every penny count.

Ranch facility update, contract pending

Ranch Facility Update

Veteran Rescue purchased 40.91 acres in Chestnut Oak Ridge, Kentucky today. We will have to build a home, cabins, barn, sink a well, septic, and fence it in.  We were extremely lucky to be able to finance it. We are within driving distance to many Military facilities and Federal employees.

This property has a stream running through it as well as being surrounded by a forest and mountains. Recreational at it’s best.

Please help us to be able to open up 100% in a timely manner. Volunteers welcome. We will be purchasing supplies as needed and making trips to the property on weekends mostly until we have a temporary place to stay while there.

We will be attending events in the surrounding areas including Tennessee, Virginia, and more.

Right now, we are awaiting deed documentation and legal papers to arrive in our email to make it final.