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Jan 2018 updates Keep up to date. We also have a newsletter signup on our page. It’s in the sidebar.

Let us know to expect you. Mark yourself as going!

Reminder to sign up yourself or your team no matter your location. you can always do a virtual run in your area raising sponsor and helping. All monies go through this link for security. Tax deductible!! Who needs a little tax relief?
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Last year Texas wanted us to relocate there and they donated heavily to our in kind auctions. Thank you Daphne Sullivan, Lisa Daniel Frost, Kira Babcock and the other ladies that helped us. Now we are running our 1st fundraiser of the year and we hope to have even more people helping us to relocate to Texas. If everyone were to pitch in $10 and help raise sponsors (who is someone who says I’ll donate this whether money or product), Every dollar raised is that much closer to Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue expanding our ability to help more Veterans and animals. I have found multiple properties for less than $20,000 in Texas. We appreciate all the groups in Florida helping us, but there’s just way too many nonprofits all running events on top of each other.

It’s a race between Texas and Florida.  Who will be virtual and who will be in person at Wekiva Springs State Park?

We have several properties over 25 acres and less than $20,000 in mind. and are the best ones but no price tag attached. 🙁

CFC Giving info
CFC 19270

CFC 19270, CFC is now open accepting pledges from all Military, Federal Employees and retirees if I’m not mistaken. #VeteranRescue Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue CFC 19270. Help us continue helping Veterans and animals nationwide!

CFC 19270…All Federal and Military employees. 100% goes to our programs, no salaries. No matter your location, donate CFC 19270.

This is 90% of our funding so you are going to be inundated with this message until the CFC closes in January. I

Veteran Rescue Needs You!

I shared my story about why I began Veteran Rescue. I hope you will vote and share it so we can earn a grant. I actually searched by Veteran Rescue for the video story. I copied the direct link here. Please vote for us.

SWEET!! Vets Plus, Inc. is donating to Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue next week. I will take pictures and give all the details of our wonderful donation! Animal Health Warehouse

To help maximize the benefits to Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Corp, let your supporters know that 101% of holiday donations made through PayPal’s Holiday Campaign will be delivered to your organization and share your unique link:

We’ll be doing our part with extensive promotions, advertising, and special events.

May your holidays be happy –

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) We need your pledges. Military and Federal employees only have a month left to give to your charity, CFC 19270.

CFC 19270

CFC 19270, CFC is now open accepting pledges from all Military, Federal Employees and retirees if I’m not mistaken. #VeteranRescueAnimal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue CFC 19270. Help us continue helping Veterans and animals nationwide!

90% of our funding is the CFC! We need sponsors, recurring donors, event donors, volunteers and more to achieve our goal of $250,000 to purchase a horse ranch facility paid in full.

Veteran Rescue needs you!

#GivingTuesday is almost here!

Up to $2 million total in donations to nonprofits will be matched by Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation starting on Nov 28 at 8 AM ET.

Relocation Sale, Everything Must Go!

Everything must sell! Relocation ASAP!

drop down tabs of:

Veteran Rescue Coffee Cups, fits Kurieg machines, microwavable, dishwasher safe. Money raised for charity. Tax deductible On hand 111 cups.

Veteran Rescue T-shirt, Men’s sizes, pre-shrunk. Sizes S qty 12, M qty 26, L qty 28, XL qty 37 only. Money raised for charity. Tax deductible.

Raising money for charity. Tax deductible, makes a great gift.

10 x 16 $50.00 w/ Acid Free Backer

12 x 14 $65.00 w/ Acid Free Backer

16 x 20 $75.00 w/ Acid Free Backer

20 x 24 $100.00 w/ Acid Free Backer

20 x 30 $150.00 w/ Acid Free Backer

28 x 28 $175.00 w/ no backer

30 x 40 $250.00 w/ no backer

84 x 60 $1,000.00 w/ no backer Gallery Stretched canvas with bracers.

Archival Ink on Fine Art Canvas w/Acid Free Backer. Standard stretched canvas or gallery stretched canvas with 1-3 bracers.

Raising money for charity, makes a great gift, very informative and tax deductible. Available on Amazon and Kindle.Professional tips on starting, managing, maintaining your business be it a for profit, non profit, llc, and more. includes links, documents, prices you need to know and much more. Avail to buy on Amazon and Kindle. Prices vary per book in print starts at $12 and ebook format. Ebook starts at $.99 Book 4 is $80 and includes all of books 1-3.

Includes the original painting by a Veteran, Denise Wright. Raising money for charity, tax deductible, makes a great gift! Worth double what is being asked. Includes a free poker night, includes a Victory Casino cruise for 10, and more. Submit bids privately by text 407-330-8032, email, or Facebook Veteran Rescue Page/Christi Hubbard or LinkedIn I/M Christi Hubbard.

Veteran Rescue needs you!

Veteran Rescue is hosting poker runs in multiple states. These can be Long distance, relay teams, local only. I’m looking for co-hosts to obtain the 5 sponsored stops, share the Facebook event page and help obtain riders of all kinds including 18 wheeler truckers, motorcycles, cars, and more. All tax deductible, all recognized, all proceeds go to Veteran Rescue. We need to raise a total of $250,000 to buy a horse property and pay first year’s operating costs.  Would you be interested in helping us out? We have an event page ready. has all the information, ticket prices, which includes the meal, and purchase buttons. Christi

Contact me at to let me know if you can help volunteer. This way I can add your state to the Facebook and website event pages.

We’re going to lose Bear

Please help Veteran Rescue out. We must raise $250,000 in 45 days or all the animals will be in dire need. Bear is in need. Please donate, share. We can’t wait for our CFC funds to arrive. I know the focus is on Texas but won’t you please think about your own local charity in our time of need.

Bear is a 4 year old German Sheppard Mix breed with Labrador. He came to Veteran Rescue when he was just a year old from another country where he was saved from becoming someone’s dinner.

Veteran Rescue posted about our need for a facility, for donations, and sponsors. The money raised goes to our programs, vet funds for animals in dire need. We have not received any funds and now we’re going to lose Bear.

Veteran Rescue had wet food donated that was grain free and supposed to be good for your dog. Bear is vomiting blood and has bloody diarrhea. The last time this happened we went to the vet. Paid over $3000 and still lost our dog Cherokee. Now we have zero funds.

Bear is one of our Therapy dogs. We must raise $250,000, in just 45 days now as our location is for sale, to relocate to our own facility and be able to go to the vet when needed. To be able to buy only the dog food that doesn’t kill the dogs instead of using the food donated to Veteran Rescue.

We use Paypal for our donations. or click the link:

Thank you for your support. Please share.

Show your interest!

Would you, Veteran Rescue supporters be interested in obtaining a Specialty License Plate that benefits Veteran Rescue programs?

We would need a list of your name and addresses so we know which states to apply for the license plate to be created. We must have 1000 sales a year.

The cost of the license plate is in addition to what your state charges you.

How many people are interested? Please contact me with your interest.

CFC Approved! 19270 (Combined Federal Campaign)

CFC opens in just a few weeks for the Military and Federal employees. For the first time ever, this year retirees can now donate to their charity through CFC as well. In addition, CFC now allows employees to volunteer time for their charity by signing up through the link.

CFC Approved! 19270 (Combined Federal Campaign)

CFC is nationwide through all 50 states and territories. Just sign our number electronically or in person with your CFC go to person.

Also Veteran Rescue does give speeches when asked to. is the best way to reach out to Veteran Rescue.

Why we help Veterans

We hold events, share news that helps others, write business books to help Veterans transitioning, pay for education classes, help Veterans start their own companies and pay for that, pay to repair homes, feed those in need, drive them to appointments in addition to our main program of animal assisted therapy, recreational therapy, equine therapy, rescue animals in need and pair them with Veterans. Our adoption guidelines are strict to keep everyone safe and alive. We hold fundraisers, apply for grants, and do so much more for those in our community. We are ” A Warrior’s Sanctuary” and we do this to “Save A Life”!

Our videos show current and former clients who were willing to be videotaped or photographed. They show our sponsors, Miss USO, and pets we’ve helped.

As the Team page shows, my board is mainly Veterans who believe on our cause. It also shows why I do what I do. I come from a long line of Veterans including my dad who fought in Korea. I have first hand knowledge of how animals help save lives.

I strongly believe we can reduce suicide rates, divorce rates, and burn-out by utilizing Veteran Rescue programs. The Veterans came to me and asked for these programs. They told me what worked for them, what didn’t, what the VA had done for them, and most important the wait time needed. That’s why I operate on a nationwide basis to assist them.

My sons believe in the cause so much that one of them attended an event 2 hours away just days after having brain surgery to remove a tumor. He had a head full of stitches, but he came. That was shocking but it meant the world to me. You can see his picture on the Press Release page. The Tampa Tribune covered that event.

Veteran Rescue now needs help to get more people sharing our content, liking our pages, donating to our programs, our cause, our needs. I hear all the time I had no idea you were even out there because we need more exposure. Please help us in our time of need as we have helped so many of you.

Christi Hubbard


CFC 19270

Emergency funding needed

Veteran Rescue bought 41 acres in Mount Vernon Kentucky which turned out to be inaccessible and not as advertised. We contacted the land company and they have refused a refund. They offered a trade to a remote property more expensive with no electric, water, trees, homes, or anything. We can’t afford that.

Veteran Rescue’s current location has just 30 days left before everyone is on the streets. Due to the current economy, loss of wages from 3 different people living here, we can no longer pay our current bills.

I have personally applied for other jobs to help out, but am “over qualified”. The Girl Scouts have been providing our animal food and supplies needed to operate. We can’t thank them enough.

Veteran Rescue has no current sponsors funding our programs, and our fundraisers are not raising any money. We do have a 5k race on November 12th in Lake Mary which we encourage people to sign up for.

Veteran Rescue is in desperate need of funding to relocate.  We thank you for any assistance provided.

Ground Breaking on Facility Begins

We break ground on our property for our new facility next weekend, July 22, 2017. We are clearing, taping, fencing, building sheds with sleeping lofts, cabins in just 2 days.

We are meeting with Governor’s Office, VA, and hopefully our Senator there as well on Monday July 24th.

We are accepting donations from the Girl Scouts on Sat July 29th.

We are meeting with our co-host for the 5k race event that weekend too.

Veteran Rescue is a very small nonprofit with very limited funds incoming via CFC 19270.

We are in need of handy volunteers that can work with construction type tools, help put up walls of wood, mix concrete and more. We are in need of items on our donations page to be donated and delivered to us.

The very basic cost of this relocation and ground breaking is $15,000. This includes food for people and animals, bills due, tools needed, and supplies to be purchased.

We operate nationwide and have our Headquarters in Florida relocating to Kentucky.  Please donate, whether it’s in kind needs on our list or cash, or your body volunteering onsite in Kentucky. Please let us know if you’re going to be there so we can expect you. We sincerely appreciate all that our supporters do for us in our time of need.


Christi Hubbard,                                                                                         Owner/President