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Contracts raise funds for our non profit

We picked up 2 more contracts today providing volunteers for our concession stand events. We renewed our existing contracts today and 2 weeks ago. We now have a total of 4 contracts with 2 more in the works.


If you have a non profit and wish to know who we have contracts with, call me 407-967-8341 or email me  and I will provide you with the details to help your non profit raise funds as well.

Grant Writers Needed

We need a Grant Writer willing to submit proposals on our behalf.

We still seek the following: angel investors, venture capitalists,
corporate sponsors, donors, endorsements, supporters, and more.

All those interested please email us at or Call for more info: 407-967-8341.


Pet Foster Families Needed

Our non profit Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue receives calls for emergency foster families for dogs and cats.

Yesterday I received a call for a 1-3 week foster of 3 small dogs for a woman in the hospital. She  asked her neighbor to care for them until a sitter could be arranged. They ended up at the Humane society. They need to be picked up today.

If interested please email me at or call me at 407-967-8341. We have other volunteer needs. See my Facebook page or website at Please feel free to connect with us.

Raising Funds: Autographed Celebrity Photos

Looking to sell authentic, autographed celebrity photos! All funds raised go towards our services.

Photos available:

Let us know if you’re interested in purchasing one of these photographs. Thanks a lot!

In Need of Volunteers!

We are in need of volunteers for the Amway Center in Orlando, FL and the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, to run concession stands during events. All proceeds go towards our veteran programs. If interested, please email Christi Hubbard at or call at (407)967-8341.

We will be operating concession stands in Florida, Texas, Washington, Virginia. We require Team Leads to volunteer to be at every event. We are training several Team Leads.

All volunteers MUST be over 18 and not have any felonies involving alcohol. All volunteers must pass an online alcohol certification test. We can give help with this, as some of our information is required. Help us out!

We will accept those adults on probation needing community service hours.

There is a dress code of black docker style pants, black non skid shoes, all tats covered and clean. No jewelry.

Attention Horse Ranch Owners

We were hoping to find a home owner wanting to help our Veterans. We still seek the following: corporate sponsors, donors, endorsements, supporters, and more.

We need a Grant Writer willing to submit proposals on our behalf.
All those interested please email us at or

Please let us know if the owner is willing to work with us on helping the Veterans.