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Veteran Rescue, CFC 19270, 501c3 nonprofit charity

Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp. DBA Veteran Rescue (Trademarked)

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700 pounds of pet supplies donated by Vets Plus Inc and Animal Health Warehouse.

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Miss USO Board Member

Tom Cruz our board member was recently awarded:

 We’re putting out daily articles that relate to what we do here.

For every client we’ve helped, for every volunteer who has helped out, we want to hear from you. Click this link


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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

CFC: 19270





Other Ways to Help

Check out our services in the menu above to get a better idea of what we can do for you! We have a shop that directly benefits our veteran programs. If you’re looking for a pet, be sure to keep up with our adoptable pets page. Our furry friends need homes! If you have a pet and don’t like the thought of boarding them while on vacation, be sure to check out our award-winning pet sitting and boarding services.
We are extremely excited/happy/proud to be accepting the art because of the sponsor John Otocka at Better View Window supports our Veterans. Denise I can’t wait to see the prints. This is a huge honor.

Since 2005 when we began, we have rescued over 40 cats, and 20 dogs including babies, 6 baby squirrels, 2 bunnies, and fish. We have adopted out all of them. We use the ones in our care in our programs with Veterans. We have completed 21 Home Repair Projects, We have assisted over 100 Veterans with their education, jobs, starting their own companies, and mentoring them.

We created our 1st company in 2008 and split into separate entities in 2011 and incorporated them both.

We’re up to 50 states donating via cfc for Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp. Trade name Veteran Rescue ® THANK YOU! Together we are stronger. “A Warrior’s Sanctuary” Saves lives. Christian Tujo Melissa Vazquez Viral Dragon Tom Cruz Linzi Driver James Williamson Mark Myers Jack Pagano John Bazemore Robert Wilson……Working together last year getting the word out has really helped!! Thank you all to my wonderful volunteers. Final numbers have not arrived yet….But what’s in is enough to get our own facility. I’m looking at Lexington, KY and Waco Texas areas for our 1st ranch. I’m looking at Tampa, FL and McLean, VA areas for the 2nd ranch I open. Oregon has 1 too.

Wildcat’s Sanctuary and Ranch, Corp wins another award. A total of 16 awards. 9 for Wildcat’s. 7 for Veteran Rescue. WOW! All this in the past 7 years!

Thank you to everyone who shared our posts, who donated, who spread word of mouth referrals, thank you all! The hardest part of the battle has been overcome.


We are proud to have Heidi-Marie Ferren as part of our organization. Dedicated to helping others. Raising spirits. Thank you Heidi!!

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11/4/14 Look who’s in the news? Azure Matt Melissa Vazquez Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services Trade name Veteran Rescue GFWC Temple Terrace Woman’s Club


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4/30/2014 – Veteran Rescue once again wins the Best of Lake Mary Award! We now have won 7 consecutive years. 2017




Veteran Rescue ad seen in MediaPlanet’s insert in USA Today!

Veteran Rescue is awarded once again!

Veteran Rescue press release for award

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